Sunday, January 24, 2010


OK, with all that is going season is here, CPA exam is near. Plan what?  20 year reunion?  Nah, it's gotta be 10.

I may drop in on facebook from time to time... if you want to keep in touch better over the next couple of months, join my facebook group : Nicely Scented. 


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Traffic Report

I see so many stupid crazy things while driving to work.  People are just oh, what is the best way to put it.... WIERD!  Come on - get ready at home THEN drive to work.  What a concept!

To all you guys who shave while you drive, that's a pretty risky stunt. What are you going to do if your shaver battery runs out?

PS - Dear Megan, I STILL don't see the spell check anymore.  I guess I broke mine....


Friday, January 8, 2010

Bundle Up! It's cold outside... inside too!

It is cold. No doubt, cold every where. Oklahoma is not supposed to be this flippin' cold for this long. We still have snow on the ground from the "OK Blizzard of 2009" on Christmas Eve.

In our office building the toilet seats seem 10 x's colder than those of any where else. I think there are chiller packs in the seats to torture those that dare to sit. I have found that if you layer enough tp and go REALLY REALLY fast, then the tush doesn't get as cold. This is the kicker though, you MUST be prepared to do your duty when you sit. Once you sit, you can not move. These my friend are automatic flushing toilets. One slightest move and the toilet does the UNTHINKABLE! It turns itself into a bidet! WOSH! A cold blast of water sprays from within! HELLO! If you try to jump up to escape the bitterly cold spray to the tushy.... then it just sprays all over you. Makes for a wonderful day.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vacation Time?

OK, OK .... so it isn't really vacation time.  BUT  I really feel like I need one. ( Don't we all though? )  I have to confess, my posts are going to be very spur of the moment, wow how did this extra time happen, sort of posts for awhile.  Probably until at least April 15th.  Some reasons why may be due to one of the following, or two or three or all:

---Tax season here.
--- I have gotten a few "new jobs" at work.
 ---I am studying fo rthe CPA - first test is Feb 15th.
---The oh my where has time gone, man I am old 20 yr reunion is getting ready
    for planning stages to begin.  First meeting is at my house ( I think) soon.
---Family, we are BUSY , but I know, who isn't...
---My Scentsy business, whoah, has really taken off.
---I really do need sleep.

So please forgive me, and keep checking in... I will post as much as possible.  I actually have some really neat ideas for when I can start posting "full time" again :)

PS:  AM I BLIND?  Did spell check go away?