Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pink Elephants on Parade

"Seeing pink elephants" is often used to describe a drunken hallucination or delirium. 
OK so it's a purpley pink elephant.... but it's still an elephant and it was in my yard yesterday. I am thinking having to return to work after the holidays may have pushed me over the edge?

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Over?

It's over?


I had 5 days off!   What happened to them?

Right now I have bags under my eyes the size of Texas.

I am going to actually post a real blog post, with real pictures.... from a real good time of course.

But right now I can't think....

Plus I forgot the pics at home on my flash drive.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Let the Festive Fun Begin!

I so need to work on my blog decor. I know. TIME.... I just need TIME! Maybe next week when I am off work, I can get it done. 

This weekend we will have our first "Christmas" and a few more holidayish type activities!  I hope I can snag some pictures....

Last weekend I made sugar cookies....I must say, best darn recipe ever!!

Sugar Cookies

1 c sugar
2 tsp baking powder
3 c all-purpose flour
2 sticks salted butter
1 egg
1 tsp pure orange extract
1/2 tsp pure peppermint extract

Preheat oven to 350.

Combine the flour and baking powder, set aside. Cream the sugar and butter. Add the egg and extracts and mix. Gradually add  flour mixture and beat just until combined, scraping down the bowl, especially the bottom.

The dough will be crumbly, so knead it together with your hands as you scoop it out of the bowl for roll.

Roll onto a floured surface and cut into shapes. Place on parchment lined baking sheets and bake for 10-12 minutes


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Party in the Potty

Working outside of the home, it's bound to happen.  You just can't hold it any longer.... you must use the public restroom from time to time.  It is a must.  Thankfully, our office shares a restroom with only one other office... and well any people that come in off the street.... but we won't think about that.

I think there should be friendly rules posted on the door, we are sharing, let's be polite!
Please - turn your cell phone off. 
 It is bad enough that I have to use the restroom with you right there.... but do you have to allow your friends to listen also?  Plus, dear long haired brunette, I really don't want to hear about the drama in your life.... I mean really, little perky blond, do you think that your boss doesn't realize you are gone 15 minutes while you catch up on gossip?

Please put your make up on in the morning before you leave for work. 

 I am sorry, but I do prefer to wash my hands when I am done AND well you act like it is a sin that I have to have you move out of the way so I can get to the sink. Plus you leave your gunk behind on the sink and counter, then it gets on my clothing.

Please no Perfume or Hair Spray

Seriously, unless you have done the deed and dropped the Browns off at the super bowl, there is NO need to spray anything in the bathroom! Not everyone enjoys the scent "Hookers n Hoes".

Please wash before touching your face

I cannot begin to tell you how many people I've seen fixing their hair or touching up their makeup before hand washing. Your potty germs are getting all over your face.

Please Flush

Seriously, Please flush your own stuff down the toilet, don't forget to also take care of your own mess if you happen to sprinkle on the seat. SIGH


'Twas the night before Christmas

I received this is an email and thought I would share....

'Twas the night before Christmas & out on the ranch

The pond was froze over & so was the branch.

The snow was piled up belly-deep to a mule.

The kids were all home on vacation from school,

And happier young folks you never did see-

Just all sprawled around a-watchin' TV.

Then suddenly, some time around 8 o'clock,

There came a surprise that gave them a shock!

The power went off, the TV went dead!

When Grandpa came in from out in the shed

With an armload of wood, the house was all dark.

"Just what I expected," they heard him remark.

"Them power line wires must be down from the snow.

Seems sorter like times on the ranch long ago."

"I'll hunt up some candles," said Mom. "With their light,

And the fireplace, I reckon we'll make out all right."

The teen-agers all seemed enveloped in gloom.

Then Grandpa came back from a trip to his room,

Uncased his old fiddle & started to play

That old Christmas song about bells on a sleigh.

Mom started to sing, & 1st thing they knew

Both Pop & the kids were all singing it, too.

They sang Christmas carols, they sang "Holy Night,"

Their eyes all a-shine in the ruddy firelight.

They played some charades Mom recalled from her youth,

And Pop read a passage from God's Book of Truth.

They stayed up till midnight-and, would you believe,

The youngsters agreed 'twas a fine Christmas Eve.

Grandpa rose early, some time before dawn;

And when the kids wakened, the power was on..

"The power company sure got the line repaired quick,"

Said Grandpa - & no one suspected his trick.

Last night, for the sake of some old-fashioned fun,

He had pulled the main switch - the old Son-of-a-Gun!

Monday, December 13, 2010


OK, it is finally starting to feel like the season here in Oklahoma. I know there was worse weather that what Oklahoma had... but it was chilly enough to stay inside for most of the weekend.  I think this was the first weekend in along time that there were absolutely no plans.

Kobi and her friend made Christmas sweatshirts....

I spent alot of time in the kitchen making cookies.... lots and lots of cookies.

New recipe and first time to actually decorate sugar cookies. LOL Need I say more?

Friday, December 10, 2010


I can’t believe it! I think we have a weekend WITH NO PLANS! Now that will just not work for me. SO, I have come up with some exciting little “projects”. I am thinking my daughter and I are going to make “ugly christmas” sweatshirts for her and her friend. I am also thinking about a couple of dressers and cabinets that really need to be cleaned and organized. OH and COOKIES…. Lots and lots of Christmas cookies! I am going to attempt to make some pretty ones with royal icing.

Now if I can just figure out how to stay off the computer and facebook…. Everything should be just fine.

PS- Thanks Pennie and Brandy for the welcome back! Brandy, you did make the cut.... I am not breaking up with you! ;) 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do……

Wow, when you disappear from your blog, all chaos breaks loose. Right now I am in the process of going through blogs and “unfollowing” them. When I started blogging and following blogs… I liked the blogs that were not commercialized. You know the normal everyday people that blog, well…. Just to blog. Funny stories about children and teenagers and everyday life – yup they make me feel “normal”. Plus I had A LOT of extra time on my hands to read and keep up with everything.

I have decided to break up with some blogs on my list…. Well… because you either have not posted in a while, you have grown up and moved on to bigger and better blogs… or well you know things just aren’t working out.

This is actually a slow painful process for me. I am trying to get the good ol blog set back up with my own touches. I’ve been gone to long… Hopefully this weekend.

Monday, December 6, 2010

BBQ Chicken Pizza


What you will need:
1 whole-wheat prebaked pizza crust (12-15 inches)
12 ounces cooked chicken strips
1 bottle (18 ounces) barbecue sauce, any flavor and variety
1 ½ cups thinly sliced red onion
2 cups (8 ounces) shredded provolone cheese


1. Preheat oven according to pizza crust package directions.

2. Toss ½ cup of barbecue sauce with cooked chicken strips.

3. Spread remaining barbecue sauce on pizza crust.

4. Top with chicken strips, sliced onions and shredded cheese.

5. Bake according to pizza crust package directions, until all ingredients are hot throughout.

PS: HI! 
I plan on coming back to blog world.  Just gotta ease on back into it.
Many have left...
Many have slowed down...
Some of you have grown in followers...
Many new faces too.... ---- HI Nice to meet you!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Give Thanks Full-Size Scentsy Warmer

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scentsy Super Sale

Scentsy is having a super dee dooper sale right now.  Most all products are 10% Off!  Click HERE to go to my independent consultant website to browse around.

Check out the Warmer of the Month this month: 
The Scent of the Month for August happens to be:
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Lovin'

My how time flies....   I really only meant to take a short break for tax season. Really!  Honestly!!  I would just like to know, how do the days get shorter? There is so much going on that there is just never a spare moment, so it seems. OK, FINE... There is and I am addicted to this:

Things have also gone crazy with this:

I am loving this!!  Sorry, HAVE TO make a small plug here!  If you have ever thought of selling something on the side.... this would be your product!  Contact me and I will help you get set up!  - OR  visit, www.nicelyscented.com   

Gotta love the play on Nicely.  Sorry can't help it.

Not busy enough so yes, I started another "Nicely" business.  That would be Nicely Beaded.  I am working on setting up the website now. So I can't give you a link to that one. BUT I can show you a sample of the product!
Speaking of finishing up the website...  wow, it's time to do a little updating on the ol' blog I would say.

This Summer the family has also seen alot of this:
All while the little one did this:

Just so we could get to this:

This summer Miss Kobi volunteered at a church camp.  We were childless for 3 weeks!  Then we left for vacation.  Before we came home, we took her over to Arkansas and left her with her cousin for another 2 weeks.  Kobi has been back for a week now and I must say, it is weird having a child in the house again.  This summer has been scary, as most of her friends are getting cars and learning to drive.  Kobi is a young one, that will come a year from now for us. SO not ready.

This summer has been different in that the hubs was off of work for about 5 or 6 weeks.  he had bone spurs taken off his foot.  That gave us more time to get away.  I also had LASIK surgery done to my eyes.  Incredible!  Would recommend it to anyone!

OK.... enough of the quick jumpy random spastic thoughts.  I must get back to work! EWWW

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yes, I know!!  I am horrible.  I will be back. Soon.  Just one more crazy weekend and I will be back.  I think.  

Friday, May 14, 2010

Drivers Gone Wild

Houston we have a problem. The rain is sucking brain cells out of the morning drivers’ head in Oklahoma City this morning. Talk about drivers gone wild! We hear about texting and driving (intexticated). But really, this morning, I saw:

Someone doing around 60 in a 45 and talking on the cell phone AND painting their nails. REALLY? You couldn’t have done that last night…. Or in the bathroom once you got to work?

Someone that obviously got up late. They must have because there was no time to read the morning paper. REALLY? Sometimes I wonder about people.

Then there was a guy that was driving from the passenger seat. The person in the driver’s seat was turning around and half way in the back seat to tend to a small child. Really? People pull over to take care of business.

OH and ummmm speaking of taking care of business…. I won’t mention what I think one woman may have been doing to the guy driving the car…. Really? Tint your windows please!!!!

Someone that forgot breakfast….He must have! Why else would he have been picking his nose and eating it. Guess he didn’t want to get his seat dirty and slimy.

Seriously, I was taught to pay attention while driving. Sometimes that really pays off and makes for a humorous morning.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Catch Up & Then Some....

I am beyond tired. Over the weekend I made the 2 hour one way trip to visit my Mom in Small Town, USA. I actually stayed the night at her house on Friday and got up super duper early on Saturday and helped her with her garage sale. Bless her heart, after staying up until 1am working on things, she decided she better get up early enough to wake the rooster on Saturday morning. Seriously? I was up and dressed and ready to go before 6 am. (this did include a shower and a made bed) I had a hard time making the trip back home, as I was so tired.

I did return home to a clean house and no dirty laundry. That was nice. My hubs was even nice enough to unload the truck for me, while I showered.  We ended up going out to eat and the next thing I know there are lots of extra people at the house. No biggie, it’s all fun. Hubs had people out in the garage playing pool and Kobi had a couple of friends over to watch movies. All is good and then we decide to load up the cars and head to the casino. Next thing I know I am using the restroom and I about fell asleep on the toilet in the casino bathroom. I look down at my phone to find out that it is 4am. Really? Needless to say, I gathered everyone else up and back home we went. By the time I made it to bed, I had been up 24 hours on only 4 hours of sleep the night before.

Mother’s Day we slept in until 11. Six hours of sleep never felt so good. We decided to not dirty the kitchen and go out to eat at a nearby chicken place. While there I try to play a joke on my sister-in-law about going to the casino…. A new one. Next thing I know… we are on our way to pick her up and go have some fun. We did make it home early and was tucked in bed by 10:30ish….

We have been going to the casino a lot lately. I would not say we have a gambling addiction. We have a fun addiction. We do not go blow our entire paychecks…. We take a set amount of cash. Usually $ 40 – 100. When that is gone, then it is gone. We use it more of a source of entertainment. We don’t go to the movies, we don’t go to the bars….sometimes we have friends over, but the casino is our time away from home fun.

Monday I thought I would get home from work and catch up on some sleep. Wrong! A few of these

decided that I needed to be kept awake. This picture was taken by a friend, sorry for the size.  ( The better pic is on my home computer and well I am posting at work - ON MY LUNCH HOUR) Anyhow, everyone I know is OK, there are a few with damage, but that is repairable. I will post details soon.....

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Crazy Randomnistic Post for FRIDAY

So what a crazy week it has been! I have ten million and two things I should be doing… NO MOTIVATION! Last night I was supposed to pack for an over-night trip to my Mom’s house. I also needed to load things in the truck to take to her garage sale. Everything was going great, then I got home from work and I stalled. I made a few phone calls and found out that my car was not ready yet at the dealership. Well, if the car isn’t ready, then I can’t pack up the truck, because I would be driving it to work. Can’t leave it setting outside all loaded down. I then stalled some more by talking to my sister-in-law. Finally, I looked at the clock and decided it was time to start cooking dinner. While cooking dinner, I was checking my email. Someone is desperately looking for a couple of Scentsy warmers that their Mom wants for Mother’s Day. Eger to gain a new client, I finished dinner and ran off to make a sale.

I am hoping I get to go pick up my car today on my lunch hour. It is getting to high level of frustration. All over a tiny pothole. Wait 69 inches across is not tiny. OK all over a LARGE pothole! Yes driving along chit chatting away with the hubs….WHAM! I immediately blamed him for talking to me and distracting me while driving… hehe cause that is what any wife would do. Right? Any how, the 69 inch crater not only bulged my tire, but it broke the strut. While trying to get the tire replaced, I find out that holy schmoly, just 1 of my tires will cost $398.74 mounted and balanced. WHAT?? Are you crazy? I finally found some warranty paper in my car for the tires…. I began talking. Never underestimate the power of a fast talking woman. Although, I don’t think the tires were really covered (because it was a “road hazard”) I convinced the guy that he should honor it. Only one thing, I needed a purchase paper on my car. Seriously, you just want me to pull a paper out of where? OH, AND it has to be one that states the purchase date….hhhmmmmm Since I couldn’t produce a paper stating when I purchased my car…. He decided to prorate the tire for me. $127.47 sounded much better and we came to an agreement that we would both be fine with that.

So the tire is replaced. Time to do a little check up and find out what that HORRID rattle is…. Here is a brief run down on how that is going…..

Take the car in, don’t have the part. Bring the car home.

Take car in, put parts on…. Part is bad…. Can’t have car….

Get another new part in…. Supposed to have it fix for me today BY NOON!

Hopefully they will fix it today as stated… I really need to leave for my mom’s!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spaghetti Squash

So while I was home and on my liquid diet…. I cheated and ate soft foods part of the time. One evening, we had my Mother-in-Law, Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law over for a quick meal of steaks and baked potatoes. Nothing fancy schmansy. But then again when it comes to cooking meals, I can’t be simple. (Just ask anyone that has been to the house to eat) So, I did add fresh salad and fresh bread to the menu. Then decided to add something I could also eat. I had purchased a decent size spaghetti squash early in the week and now was the time I was going to attempt to cook it. Did I tell you I have never made spaghetti squash before? I dumped a little of this and that along with a lot of extra calories into a bowl and ohhhhhhhhh my! It was better than I thought it would be. Even the hubs said he’d eat it again.

Thought I would share the recipe.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 spaghetti squash

2 cups sour cream

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

½ cup shredded Parmesan cheese

1 package garlic butter croutons

1 stick of butter - sliced

Here’s what you’ll do:

Preheat oven to 400.

Next - Peel, slice, take out the seeds and cut the squash into chunks.

Place the chunks on a large cookie sheet covered with foil & cooking spray.

Bake the squash until tender – took about 45 minutes to an hour.

Once tender, dice the squash into smaller 1 inch chunks.

In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients above except for the croutons and 1 cup of cheddar cheese.

Pour the mixture into a casserole dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray.

Next crush the croutons and sprinkle on top of the casserole.

Then sprinkle the last cup of shredded cheddar cheese on top.

Bake at 400 for 15 to 20 minutes and ENJOY!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Jaw

Update on the old jaw. Yes it is old. It is old because it is mine. Before I went on vacation, I had several procedures done on my jaw. Nothing was successful. SO, the doctor told me they would have to do another surgery on me and actually drill into my jaw and then insert a pin, to attach to the disc in my jaw – It would then stay in place. I was really not looking forward to that. Sounded too painful.

The day finally came. I had to go to the hospital. The other procedures had been done in his office. Once they finally got into the surgery, the doctor discovered that the surgery would not go as planned. The disc was actually in place, just torn and also the ligaments in my jaw needed to be repaired in a major way. SO, good news – NO DRILLING into my jaw.

The surgery was a success, well so far. It has been a few weeks and I am still healing. I have a pretty 3 inch wound in front of my left ear and I have an awesome 80’s style shaved stripe above my ear. I am still seriously thinking of shaving the other side to match.

The day after my surgery I was totally excited that nobody had to drill. I actually had my husband take me flower shopping and I filled my flowerbeds full of flowers. (I had my ice pack tied to my head-hehe) The day after that, the 48 hour mark is when it hit me. Actually it looked like someone really did hit me. My face was all swollen. My eye was all pretty shades of purple, red, black and blue. I could hardly see out of my left eye because it was too swollen. I decided at that point that I had better stay in for a while. I had to entertain myself. I am not one to sit and do nothing. So, I started in with the beads and made a ton of jewelry. I am going to start posting some on my etsy website soon. Hey, I needed something else to do, Right?

To add to my list of things I really need to do.... I am thinking we need a Spring look around here....coming soon.... I hope.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

YEAH & BOO At the same time!!

Okay ---enough.  Vacation is over. I won’t lie. I love you guys and your funny emails, but vacation was nice. REAL NICE. But just like everything else, vacations must come to an end. So much has happened in the last 3 months, I can’t begin to tell you about it all. Here is a brief run down:

--Tax season is over. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time. The overtime is done, but work is sometimes toooo slow.

--The Hubs & I took up gambling. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time. Some you win, some you loose.

--I had another surgery on my jaw. This one required off work for two weeks. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time. Got to take off for two weeks and there is not a lot of pain, but I am actually only on my 2nd day back at work.

--The Scentsy business is growing by leaps and bounds. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time.
Boy, it’s time consuming but man I love that stuff!!!

--We had a garage sale with my mother and sister-in-law. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time.
Sold lots of things, but sheesh 3 days later and I am still tired from it all.

So I was snooping around all the blogs today. I missed reading and sharing every day. I can’t believe how big everyone’s babies have gotten!! Seriously--in just 3 months!!

OK, so no big grand entrance or anything like that.... but just so ya know.  I am back.  *WAVES HELLO!!!*


Sunday, January 24, 2010


OK, with all that is going on....tax season is here, CPA exam is near. Plan what?  20 year reunion?  Nah, it's gotta be 10.

I may drop in on facebook from time to time... if you want to keep in touch better over the next couple of months, join my facebook group : Nicely Scented. 


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Traffic Report

I see so many stupid crazy things while driving to work.  People are just oh, what is the best way to put it.... WIERD!  Come on - get ready at home THEN drive to work.  What a concept!

To all you guys who shave while you drive, that's a pretty risky stunt. What are you going to do if your shaver battery runs out?

PS - Dear Megan, I STILL don't see the spell check anymore.  I guess I broke mine....


Friday, January 8, 2010

Bundle Up! It's cold outside... inside too!

It is cold. No doubt, cold every where. Oklahoma is not supposed to be this flippin' cold for this long. We still have snow on the ground from the "OK Blizzard of 2009" on Christmas Eve.

In our office building the toilet seats seem 10 x's colder than those of any where else. I think there are chiller packs in the seats to torture those that dare to sit. I have found that if you layer enough tp and go REALLY REALLY fast, then the tush doesn't get as cold. This is the kicker though, you MUST be prepared to do your duty when you sit. Once you sit, you can not move. These my friend are automatic flushing toilets. One slightest move and the toilet does the UNTHINKABLE! It turns itself into a bidet! WOSH! A cold blast of water sprays from within! HELLO! If you try to jump up to escape the bitterly cold spray to the tushy.... then it just sprays all over you. Makes for a wonderful day.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vacation Time?

OK, OK .... so it isn't really vacation time.  BUT  I really feel like I need one. ( Don't we all though? )  I have to confess, my posts are going to be very spur of the moment, wow how did this extra time happen, sort of posts for awhile.  Probably until at least April 15th.  Some reasons why may be due to one of the following, or two or three or all:

---Tax season here.
--- I have gotten a few "new jobs" at work.
 ---I am studying fo rthe CPA - first test is Feb 15th.
---The oh my where has time gone, man I am old 20 yr reunion is getting ready
    for planning stages to begin.  First meeting is at my house ( I think) soon.
---Family, we are BUSY , but I know, who isn't...
---My Scentsy business, whoah, has really taken off.
---I really do need sleep.

So please forgive me, and keep checking in... I will post as much as possible.  I actually have some really neat ideas for when I can start posting "full time" again :)

PS:  AM I BLIND?  Did spell check go away?