Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tingle Tingle Tingle

Things have been a little different around our house lately. But then again that is totally normal. This year in February I told my husband and daughter (who had already met the insurance deductible) that if they were going to have anything majorly wrong with them….this is the year. Well why not? We hit our deductible after 5-6 short weeks of the new year. Here it is July and we are near 100% coverage.
I really wasn’t serious when I told them they could be sick or have something wrong. It was just kind of one of those funny little jokes. Anyhow, K and the hubs have been somewhat fine lately….the curse has fallen on me to be sick.

We have been seeing the same doctor for 6-7 years. I love our doctor. He is great and always on top of things and blunt and to the point. I love my doctor even more, because the only time I usually see him is when I take K in for something. When I made an appointment for myself last week, he was very concerned and got to work asking ten million questions and poking and pushing in ten million places.
Basically over the last few weeks, I have had NO energy. That is so not me. I have to go nonstop all the time. I also started getting A LOT of tingling in my arms, legs and face. I have no strength….I even actually took a nap last Sunday afternoon. I NEVER nap!!

The final conclusion, after all of my lab work came back “normal” is that I have Neuropathy. HUH? That is what I said. I have turned to several friends that are in the medical profession to explain a little more, to see if my doctor was telling me everything. (he was) Basically it is what is considered a secondary diagnosis. ONLY they don’t have a diagnosis. So now they are starting the testing to find out what is causing the neuropathy. To keep you from looking it up, neuropathy is muscle weakness, cramps, and spasms. Loss of balance and coordination may also occur. You can also have tingling, numbness, and pain. Pain associated with this nerve is described in various ways such as the following: sensation of wearing an invisible "glove" or "sock", burning, freezing, or electric-like, extreme sensitivity to touch.

The doctor said he is going to go head to toe on me to find the cause. I guess he meant literally…. I have an appointment in the morning at 8:15 for an MRI on my head. I won’t go back until Monday to get the results. This is going to be one LONG weekend! It is so hard not to stress…But I am trying not to!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Catch Up Time!

I have been SO lazy about blogging since we have been back from vacation. There is actually a reason and I will share that in a later blog, when I know more about the situation. But here is somewhat of a recap of all the happenings: NOTHING! Life as we knew it (busy and chaotic) while I was in school is so done. I just can’t believe it!

The garden has somewhat died out. We had enough squash, cucumbers, and zucchini to feed 8 families for a month make several families shudder with fear to think they may have to eat any more garden vegetables. I was actually able to make salsa and can it from fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and habaneros that I grew myself. I was proud of myself… I got 8 pints! Of course I did have to buy a few extra ingredients from the store, but about 90% of the salsa was pure freshness. The tomatoes, cantaloupe and peppers are doing well now. Yesterday I pulled out all the vines that were dying out and planted new seeds for the fall garden. I have been trying to keep up with the flower beds and flower pots. They seem to be doing well and I am attempting to keep the beds weed free.

K has been having a typical summer. We either have extra kids at the house or she is at a friend’s house. Last week she had a different friend stay the night each night for I think about 5 days straight. I really don’t mind as long as they don’t tear up the house clean up after themselves.

A couple of weekends ago, we had our company picnic. That was actually fun. We played putt-putt, batted in the batting cages, drove the go carts, bumper cars and bumper boats. We let K take a friend with her, we just aren’t cool enough too cool for her to be seen with all the time.

This past weekend we went with our friends to a private ski lake. I has to laugh at the sign that was found posted out there....

That was a great day – food, fun & sun. They pulled K on the tube and she also got to practice her wake boarding. We also got to watch them slalom ski some and that is just amazing how they make it look so easy. There is no way I would even ever attempt.

K has also been very busy taking pictures.I am in love with the fact that she has found a way of expressing herself through pictures.

We will be leaving on a mini vacation soon. Going to head out to the lake for 5 days, well actually 3 days there and 2 days traveling. I think this will be the first trip we will be traveling alone. Well, kind of... While we will miss the fact that we will have no other families with us, we have allowed K to invite a couple of friends. There is a wake board festival going on that weekend so it should be interesting to keep track of 3 girls with all those "boys" running about! *BIG SIGH*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Blog Hop Time!

***It’s Blog Hop Time!
Three Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

1. I may be an accountant now, but I was once an early childhood teacher. I actually have a Bachelor in Early Childhood / Elementary Education -- AND – my MAFM (Masters in Accounting and Financial Management). Some know that, many do not…. I only started working in the accounting field about 2 ½ years ago. I have made a profession out of going to school. HA!

2. I always planned on having many children, well at least more than one child. God had different plans for me and I am ok with that now. After my K was born, I had two back to back tubal pregnancies. I didn’t know I was pregnant either time, which is probably a good thing, as that did not allow me time to get attached to the idea of being pregnant and another child. The first one happened at 10 weeks and the second one happened at 14-16. Yes that is right 14-16 weeks. The pregnancies happened about a year apart.

3. Yes I am living in the “city”, but I am actually pretty countrified. I was born in Texas, raised part of my childhood in Maine, then moved to Oklahoma in the 2nd grade and pretty much been here most every since. I did move off to Arkansas for a semester in Jr. High, but that to me really doesn’t count. I am not as prissy as I appear, however, I do love to pamper myself. We will blame my clothing and shoe addiction on my new profession. I must dress well for my clients  Right? A lot of my friends find it funny to think that I used to get up and feed cattle in the morning (before sunrise), I helped pull calves, I harvested wheat, bailed hay, branded cattle…. You know all that great farming stuff, but hey you do what you have to do! I also feel countrified in my cooking-lots of butter in everything! I also love to make my meals homemade-I make great chicken fried steak and fried chicken. I love to cook chicken & Mexican food too.


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Oh what a weekend! A very long weekend in some ways, but yet a very short weekend in others. Over the weekend I did NOT tell my daughter no, she couldn’t stay the night at a friend’s house and then I most certainly did not change my mind and end up taking her into town at 10pm. I would never back down on my word like that. Not Me! I am a Momma of her words….

I would also never let my daughter and her friends rent scary movie after scary movie to watch late at night with all the lights out. Not Me!, I am not that kind of Momma. I am also not the kind of Momma that would open the door to the spare room (where they were watching the movies) and scream really loud. Nope not me! I would never laugh at the way they all screamed and curled in the fetal position under the covers. Nope - Not Me!

I am also not the one who did nothing all weekend but lay in the pool. Nope, Not Me! I am too much of a busy body to do something like that….

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Hobby

Warning....this post contains a million and one pictures! My daughter K has totally found a new hobby, photography. She really has been taking pictures since she could hold a camera, but lately, she has taken her "hobby" to a new level and I am really proud of her. She loves to take pictures and edit them. Here are a few examples...

Friday, July 10, 2009

So Bad...

I am so bad! Yes I am! I can not believe I have not gotten time to post lately here in the blog world. Time has actually flown by and gotten away from me.

First there was the vacation. That was a great glorious week! Lots of nothings to do. We did see rain one day of the vacation. Of course that came ON the night of the 4th. However, there was actually a 45 minute break in the storms and the fireworks show went on as planned.

Once arriving home, the projects have been never ending. There was of course the 20 loads of laundry. The lawn had to be mowed, the pool had to be cleaned, and the flower beds...OH MY! They were unsightly! The vegetable garden also needed some TLC. Then there was spraying for bugs in the yard and garden. Of course the house needed a thurough cleaning.... so UGH! I need another vacation!

Last night was wonderful. I am not a TV watcher, seriously I don't understand why we have 9 tv's in our house, but we do. Anyhow, my one weakness is Big Brother. Why? I do not know.... But I totally get hooked on that show. The season premier was last night. I am not totally sure of my opinions yet, but I do have one. I am so sad that Jesse is back in the house. UGH!