Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Very Contagious

WOW! Forget the swine flu--everywhere I seem to turn the last few weeks, people have the crankies and it seems to be rapidly spreading! The crankies seems to be very contagious! I have noticed cases of the crankies popping up all over-on the road, in the stores, at the gas station, at school, at work, at my house, and in my neighborhood! How do we cure the crankies??? We SMILE!!!!

Smiles and good moods are just as contagious as the crankies and smiles are really alot more fun to have! Be careful though, because when you get the smiles, you may also come down with the giggles.

Work + Grad School + Teenager = A borderline case of the crankies, unless you ask my hubby, then it is full blown crankies at times. But seriously, I do not understand what is going on around here! (But then again I never really do) I just can't seem to understand why people seem to get the crankies all the time. If you are unhappy, the only one that can solve that problem is yourself. Nobody can make you happy unless you are happy with yourself in the first place. So what does that mean? I really don't know...but what I do know is that if you are unhappy, take care of the source that is causing the unhappiness. Look it dead square in the eyes and face the challenge. If you don't, a good case of the crankies may soon attack you! The crankies seem to be so hard to get rid of too!

Life is way to short; you should live it to the fullest while you have it. Don't pay attention to the past; just remember you can always change the future!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Bash

OK, as promised, here are a few pics from the big birthday blow out this past weekend! These are by no means all the pics... Just a few to show off everyone's costumes! It was great! We had grilled spam burgers, canned cheese, potted meat, sardines, oysters, oh - and chili dogs & sloppy joes :)

The Hubs & I

R & K our neighbors that "travel trailer" with us...

The B's

M & L More neighbors

T & L

S & B

and klutzy....


I am a busy body. Sitting still is not an option for me, at all. I often tackle bigger jobs than I can handle, then I stress, but they eventually get done. Today is my husband's birthday. -- the BIG 40-- Happy Birthday Hunny! Last week tax season came to a close. So, I had Thursday and Friday off to prepare a "little gathering" (pics will follow in a later post). I somehow ended up with 200+ pics that must be reviewed, editted and some deleted. Anyway, 2 days to prepare for what we called our "white trash bash". No problem! Well, I just can't handle only having one thing to do, so....let's also paint the master bathroom(took 2 coats of primer & two coats of paint) and try to plant the flowers in the flower beds, AND vegetables in the garden. Oh, did I mention that I also needed to take a final and actually shop for most of the items for the bash and come up with costumes? I think I am just crazy. Plain CRAZY! So, the bash went pretty well, the final didn't get taken (I am taking off work this afternoon to take it), the bathroom did get finished before company arrived. The vegetable garden got taken care of last night. (Finally) and well some of the flowers have been planted, but I still have a long way to go and mulch to put down too. UGH! Why can't I just sit and relax sometime? Why must I always find something to do... and then some?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have officially completed my last tax return of the season *SMILE* Now it's on to bigger and better things... like organizing the hub's 40th birthday party this weekend!!

Easter Weekend

Yes I know, I go on and on and on.... and on.... about tax season, but it's a very busy and stressful time for me! I work 6 days a week, try to keep up with the kiddo, the family & homework. Things right now just seem to good to be true... tax season is over in a few days AND 9 weeks to go and I will have my Masters in Accounting and Financial Management. WOOT WOOT!!! *bleh* then it will be time to take the test.... ugh... the mother of all tests... the CPA exam. But I am not even going to think about that. For the first time in several years, I am going to enjoy the summer without having to think about studying!

This last weekend was VERY busy, but so much fun! I truly enjoyed getting together with all my family. I even got to visit with my brother that I haven't seen in over 10 years! Here is a pic of me and my brothers and mom.

All of my mom's grand daughters were there...

And most of the dogs came too... they all ended up in my lap. I couldn't resist "the look" I was getting. My brother's dogs were so adorable! I have never seen a dapple dog before in person and she was so so cute! Same goes for the long hair weenie dog :)

P-man, my great nephew, even enjoyed the dogs.

Here is a pic of us that day too... how we all managed to put on green that day... lol I just don't know :)

Easter really was fun this year even though it was cold and rainy and we were stuck inside...even K admitted that she had fun...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ready for the weekend....

Can time go any slower?? I am so ready for the weekend! I think this Easter weekend will be very exciting. Although I am unhappy about a few things happening this weekend, the happy things take over. I have not seen one of my brothers in person in probably 12 years. (we communicate via computer) This is the weekend. I will be going back to the ol' home town for Easter with my brother... well actually BOTH of my brothers. I have made some of my in-laws a little upset.

This year has been a MAJOR struggle with K and school. She has ADHD, she has always had ADHD, I just did not want to medicate her. I controlled her diet, her sleeping habits and her activities. We just couldn't keep it under control anymore without the help of the medication. School was where her ADHD behavior was most evident. However, as a parent I took the steps to get my child the help she needed. We now go to the doctor and counselor on a regular basis and holy smolly what a difference!!! The only problem is that K has dug herself such a deep deep hole at school that the office has ZERO tollerance of her, even though she is doing 95% better! She actually went from mid-feb until yesterday without a trip to the office! I was so so impressed that I found myself not being able to be upset with my child. Sometimes I feel K can sneeze wrong and get a write up :) I know that isn't true(to some point), but sheesh. Anyhow, yesterday, there was somehow a green bean and a french fry flying around at the lunch table. K got smacked in the head with the fry, so she continued the "game" and passed it on....UH OH! Wrong thing to do.... ALL the teachers know K from her previous conflicts, so she is the first one they look to when something is what happens, she gets suspended for the rest of the week. 3 days!! For tossing a French Fry! I had to laugh, that's really all I could do. This year has been so so crazy. I am ready for the end of May!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I see the light...


It's already April? Where is this year going? Tax season, my favorite time of the year(not), is almost over!!! Only 2 glorious weeks left! I am actually starting to slow down a bit, but still working long hours.

There are so many things going on at this point in my life, I often do not know if I am coming or going! I mean seriously, I am going crazy! I am wrapping up my Masters Degree. That will be done in June. I think I have about 11 weeks left. YEAH! But then that only opens up a new chapter of trying to pass those dang CPA tests.

We have been through hell and back during the wonderful time of becoming a teenager and trying to find myself time. I (knock on wood) think that this too is starting to slow down and come to an end. We will just have to wait a few more weeks to see the final out come of the consequences of her behavior. High School may be further away than she thinks.

We also had the added craziness in our house this week due to the fact that my hubs won the lottery!! Well sort of... He matched 3 numbers AND the power ball. Two numbers away from winning the whole shabang.... and what did he win? $100. $100. Yep that's it, that's all. It was however just enough to keep him interested in continuing to purchase more lines every week.

With Spring time comes camping season. This is a love - hate time for me. I love that we get time off from work. I love we can go sit poolside and not do anything for days upon end.... I really hate the payments, the expense, the packing, the unpacking and the cleaning up afterwards... Honestly right now, if it were possible, I would go home and pick the trailer up on the way, pack it up and head out NOW! lol