Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My brain and body are on overload.
I would like to just curl up in a ball and sleep for a year...
Maybe just a day or two?

Life as I know it has been such an emotional roller coaster the last 2 weeks. 
Some awesome highs
some horrible lows.

A few of the HIGHS:

-The photographer that I originally wanted to do my daughter's Sr. Pics was in retirement.  then came out of retirement.... After I had already hired and paid another photographer... one that was just bleh- ok.  I could afford another shoot. Anywho... the photographer I originally wanted called because she needed someone to model for her within the next couple of days on a photo assignment.... she thought of Kobi.       YEAH!   She was kind enough to take a few extra pictures.  Just looking at the 2 previews....I am totally excited to see the rest!

- I received a thank you card for referring our neighbors to a certain Realtor I know.... It had a referral "bonus" in there.... totally made my day.

-my niece got to come down to stay the night before Thanksgiving. She is truly like a 2nd daughter to me... Obviously Kobi thinks of her more like a sister than a cousin...

Now for some of the lows.....
-Did you know....you really should go to the website of the maker of your vehicle and put in your VIN # to see if there are any recalls on your vehicle?  Especially if you bought it used. If you don't... your ford could end up looking like this....

smokin' hot.
this is was my niece's car.  She knew there was a recall, but the dealer didn't have the parts to fix it.  When ford says they can randomly catch on fire.... in the middle of parking lot or driveway.... with nobody around.... they speak the truth.

-the very next day she was in a car accident....and is now sportin' a cast ... complete with leopard print duck tape?  Thankfully, that is all that is wrong... well that and a swollen/bruised boob.
 The kicker for me is... my Tara is a beautician.... It was time for her to do my hair again. BOOOO  I had to suck it up and beg my old person to cut my hair.  I felt so ashamed.  But it had to be done.  Not gonna lie though... I used a cheaparse box of color to take care of my roots until she is back and working again.

And now... since I have bored you lovies for so long.... I think I will save my other thoughts....
They really deserve a post of their own.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Talkin' on a Tuesday

So .....

You still with me?
Thank you!

I have been suckin' rear on blogging lately.
I blame work.
It's been crazy....

I have been working through my lunch hour....

which eliminates most of my bloggin' time.

Life has been crazy too.
This is Kobi's Senior year and well....
Where did time go?
FINALLY got the Sr. Pics back....

I used a different photographer this time....
Probably will be the first and last time.
But hey a few turned out okay...
and will work :)

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