Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We have been home for almost 3 weeks now from our vacation. It is time to stop and SLOW DOWN! I am ready for some relaxation.  I am so far behind in bloggy land.... I have a TON of posts I would like to share.
First things first....
How about we finish up the 10 rules of camping?  LOL  I was going to post one each day.  BUT HEY totally got derailed.

Rule #2 - If you have an only child.... it is best to NOT let them take a friend for more than a couple of days. They are used to being by themselves, thus taking someone else, only spoils their alone time that they are used to....
and can make for some ugly words and  melt downs.

Rule # 3 - When children are involved.... don't give an inch... they will take a mile.
not going to elaborate on this one, for fear of getting another migraine over it...

Rule #4 - Be prepared.  Pack all you need ahead of time.  Whatever you do... DO NOT try to go to a walmart near the lake on the 1st of the month, that falls on a friday preceding a holiday weekend just because you forgot some silly little something.
There were some amazing people though... but I was kind of scared and made the girls stay close!

Rule #5 - Refer back to Rule #4 Be prepared. Take all alcohol that you may need. Take extra. Take even more extra.  Showing up at the liquior store at 8:50pm on Saturday night before a holiday.... the crazy people are out. 
Yes, I know, this included me, as I was also out at the liquior store at this time.

Rule #6 - When your child yells MOM! - It's a good idea to turn around slowly to see what is behind you.... Phew! Only a racoon.....

Rule # 7 - When your child hears a noise.... DO NOT DISMISS IT! We got armadillo attacked EVERYNIGHT!
Rule # 8 - Take the pets.... they enjoy camping also. I couldn't IMAGINE leaving the blind ol' thing behind.  He would be heart broken!
Rule # 9 - when trying to relax... be aware of your surroundings.
The last night we were there, everyone else was in bed.  I was trying to cool down from things involving rules 2,3 & 7..... Mr Racoon decided to come sit in the chair beside me. I think I may have tinkled in my panties when I saw him just sitting there.

Rule #10 - Refer back to previous post and Rule # 1.  Have fun.  You never know when it will be your last trip.
This ended up being our last trip, the truck and trailer sold.... within days of posting them, they were gone.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10 Rules of Camping... Part 1

This 4th of July we took a 6 night trip to the lake.
In all, our group had 4 campsites.
There were 8 girls ranging in age from 10-21 and 4 couples....
The poor men did not stand a chance.
This may have been our last trip out in the travel trailer....
We have come to terms that we would rather have a lake house and a jeep....
So, no more travel trailer and no more one ton truck to pull it.
We just hope we can sell it soon.
Over the last 8 years of camping in the trailer we have learned many things.
Over the next few days I will share some of those.

As for today....
Rule number one when going out camping.... 
Have fun.

When the temps are 100+ every stinking day, water activities can cool you off....
Especially when my brother is driving the boat.

 No mater how awesome you think you are.... he will fling you off the tube.