Friday, December 4, 2009

Morning Drive

I have made a decission.

I need to go get some valium from my doctor.

The script should read: Take one pill 30 minutes before making morning commute.

People are rude and crazy and usually have their head up their...
Well let's just say they aren't paying attention.



Brandy said...

I would agree but you are prolly talking about me. lo

our b life said...

I don't know what it is about morning, maybe everyone should go to bed earlier.

Laura said...

You poor thing! That is one thing I definetly don't miss about having to go to work everyday. Stay at home mommys have a few perks and that is one of them :)

Samantha said...

On my way home from visiting my Grandmother yesterday, I took a route that added another 30 minutes to my already 30 minute trip home. Why? Because I decided that people didn't know how to drive, and I wasn't about to get stuck in a high speed condition with those people. I probably would have died from everyone's stupidity. It really is getting ridiculous.

Jessica said...

Oh...would valium have done me so much good in all my commuting years through Atlanta, mixing with all the assholes.

1 year of driving in Atlanta traffic = 5 less years on your life.