Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Lovin'

My how time flies....   I really only meant to take a short break for tax season. Really!  Honestly!!  I would just like to know, how do the days get shorter? There is so much going on that there is just never a spare moment, so it seems. OK, FINE... There is and I am addicted to this:

Things have also gone crazy with this:

I am loving this!!  Sorry, HAVE TO make a small plug here!  If you have ever thought of selling something on the side.... this would be your product!  Contact me and I will help you get set up!  - OR  visit,   

Gotta love the play on Nicely.  Sorry can't help it.

Not busy enough so yes, I started another "Nicely" business.  That would be Nicely Beaded.  I am working on setting up the website now. So I can't give you a link to that one. BUT I can show you a sample of the product!
Speaking of finishing up the website...  wow, it's time to do a little updating on the ol' blog I would say.

This Summer the family has also seen alot of this:
All while the little one did this:

Just so we could get to this:

This summer Miss Kobi volunteered at a church camp.  We were childless for 3 weeks!  Then we left for vacation.  Before we came home, we took her over to Arkansas and left her with her cousin for another 2 weeks.  Kobi has been back for a week now and I must say, it is weird having a child in the house again.  This summer has been scary, as most of her friends are getting cars and learning to drive.  Kobi is a young one, that will come a year from now for us. SO not ready.

This summer has been different in that the hubs was off of work for about 5 or 6 weeks.  he had bone spurs taken off his foot.  That gave us more time to get away.  I also had LASIK surgery done to my eyes.  Incredible!  Would recommend it to anyone!

OK.... enough of the quick jumpy random spastic thoughts.  I must get back to work! EWWW

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Brandy said...

welcome back. sounds like a great busy summer.