Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun & Games

If you live in Oklahoma, you will TOTALLY understand this post.
If you live elsewhere....
You will think I am totally nutso. {I am but that is beside the point}

Here in "the metro" we have been pumped with "be weather ready" tonight and FOR SURE tomorrow night.

This is how a true Oklahoma person will be handling this little situation....
We will have lawn chairs set up in the drive way----
about 5 feet from the cellar door.
We will have the garage tv on....
watching the weather.
And watching the actual skies...
Don't judge...

Gary England is a weather man for a local TV station.
He is a FAMOUS weather man.
We have a game we play when we watch him...
goes a little something like this.

Gary England Drinking Game

1. Everyone selects a storm chaser other than Val Castor. Every time Gary talks to your storm chaser, you take one drink. Take two drinks every time we see footage from your storm chaser. Take four drinks if your storm chaser says "tornado on the ground."

2. Everyone selects a county other than Pottawatomie County. Every time Gary mentions your county, you take one drink. Take two drinks every time we see footage from your county. Take four drinks if a tornado touches down in your county.

One drink

1. Take one drink every time Gary says the following:

"Hook echo"
"Doppler radar"
"Wall cloud"
"Ranger 9"
"Mobile home"

2. When Gary gives a list of counties, take one drink for every county in the list.

3. Take one drink every time Gary interrupts a program. Take one drink if Gary says "You're not missing any of [program name]." Take one drink when Gary says "We'll keep you advised."

Two drinks

1. Take two drinks every time Gary says the following:

"Baseball-sized hail"
"Waterloo Road"
"Pottawatomie County"
"Deer Creek High School"

2. Take two drinks every time Gary mentions the following towns:

Burns Flat
Dill City
Wayne (or Payne)
YES - we have awesome town names in our state

3. Take two drinks every time Gary talks to Val Castor.

Three drinks

1. Take three drinks if we see footage from Val Castor.
2. Take three drinks if we see footage from Pottawatomie County.
3. Take three drinks if Gary mentions the following:

"Immediate tornado precautions"

"National Weather Service"


"Portable Radio"

"Take shelter"

"Tornado warning in effect until ..."

Four drinks

1. Take four drinks if Ranger 9 must land to refuel.

2. Take four drinks if Gary issues his own tornado warning, not recognized by the NWS or says the following:
"Will someone please answer that phone?"
"Do you see power flashes?"
3. Take four drinks if a shirt-less tornado victim is interviewed.

Finish your drink
1. Finish your drink if someone uses the word tornado as a verb or if Gary mentions the nearest cross streets to you.
2. If Gary says "We've lost Val," pour a little out for your homies and finish your drink.

Basically, you are totally schanizzled by the time you have to get into your shelter....
It's totally better that way!
PS: OK... this is already getting out of hand... The schools have the kids all rattled up now... I just got a phone call from Kobi - making sure she wouldn't get hailed on while driving home....
She also asked what she should do if there is a tornado while she is at work.   I better grab some more to drink on the way home.  It may be a long weekend.


Andrea said...

While that game sounds like fun and all, I think I will stay uphe in central new York. We didn't eve. Get any thrilling snow this past winter!

Sheila said...

oh my gosh! I am SOOO coming to your house this weekend!
I go and hide out in my storm cellar - I'm a big fat weinie!!
I'm in Inola (about 20 miles east of Tulsa!)
Maybe if I was drinking - I wouldn't freak out so much!!!

Nicole said...

Please tell OK to be nice to us tonight! We'll be driving through to Texas tonight!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I'm kinda wishing for some bad weather for myself now! ;o) Sounds like a party!!!

But careful. Don't drink so much you pass out in your lawn chair and forget to make it to the cellar!

Angie said...

Tornadoes are my biggest fear in the world! Maybe I should start drinking everytime I hear mention of one for our area!!!!

Be safe dear friend :)

Samantha said...

That honestly sounds like fun! I thought about y'all when I read about the tornado threat, and I thought of Steph who is moving there this weekend. God Bless her...

Anonymous said...

LOL that sounds like a great drinking game! Hope you didn't get hit to hard with that nasty weather.