Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Time, Really?

March 27 and spring is in the air.... time to till the gardens, plant the flowers, watch the grass start to grow, see the trees budding, be in the middle of a blizzard warning.... all normal right? I mean come on, I know this is Oklahoma, but give me a break! Blizzard Warning at the end of March? CRAZY! The funny thing is, that the snow is coming on Friday and Saturday. Sunday we will be back up in the 60's.
I was a little premature this year putting out a few flowers.(this is the obvious cause of the late snow) Last night I dug them all up and brought them inside in pots. My dinning room and living room look like a jungle :) All my unplanted veggie plants got brought in too.

This Spring things are going a little different in more ways than one.... The hubs and I both quit smoking. WOW. I have quit so many times in my life, but when you live with a smoker, it is just to easy to pick the habit back up. We didn't smoke in our house or our cars, so thank goodness we do not have to deal with the lingering stinch. I am very proud of my hubs, he went from 2 packs a day, to nothing! He is chewing his gum like crazy right now though, but all in all he is very mellow and calm. I am the one that would like to choke the living daylights out of people right now :)

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