Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lumpy & Dumpy, But Still Yummy!

I have been wanting to dibble a little with fondant and cake decorating, but never really had time. I mean seriously, why would I do something like that? I go to school full time, have a house to clean, a family to raise, not to mention work! There is a little gathering/kind of a baby shower that is coming up and well the cake didn't get ordered in time. SO I thought, here is my chance to learn fondant. On my lunch hour I went across the street and bought, the bare necessities to make a cake. New pans and a bunch of little gadgets. I skipped on a few things... didn't buy the smoothie out thing or the large rolling pin thing. I thought I will just try my luck with a spatula and my own rolling pin. Today, I will be going back to purchase those items, plus a little more. I am so addicted. Needless to say, there will be alot of cake at my house, at my neighbor's houses, and at my work over the next few weeks, as I really want to perfect this... lol

My first attempt I rushed through. I really had so many things to be doing! I wanted to get the "just of it though" .I definitely learned that I need smoother/more icing under neath and that well my rolling pin was to short and so I had uneven spots in my layer of fondant. I also learned, that I really need to make tiers and brace the top layer :) You live and you learn. So here is my too funny, lumpy & dumpy, first attempt at fondant.

Although not horrible, not good either.... I soon want to be able to do this....

I will get there...

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