Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Very Contagious

WOW! Forget the swine flu--everywhere I seem to turn the last few weeks, people have the crankies and it seems to be rapidly spreading! The crankies seems to be very contagious! I have noticed cases of the crankies popping up all over-on the road, in the stores, at the gas station, at school, at work, at my house, and in my neighborhood! How do we cure the crankies??? We SMILE!!!!

Smiles and good moods are just as contagious as the crankies and smiles are really alot more fun to have! Be careful though, because when you get the smiles, you may also come down with the giggles.

Work + Grad School + Teenager = A borderline case of the crankies, unless you ask my hubby, then it is full blown crankies at times. But seriously, I do not understand what is going on around here! (But then again I never really do) I just can't seem to understand why people seem to get the crankies all the time. If you are unhappy, the only one that can solve that problem is yourself. Nobody can make you happy unless you are happy with yourself in the first place. So what does that mean? I really don't know...but what I do know is that if you are unhappy, take care of the source that is causing the unhappiness. Look it dead square in the eyes and face the challenge. If you don't, a good case of the crankies may soon attack you! The crankies seem to be so hard to get rid of too!

Life is way to short; you should live it to the fullest while you have it. Don't pay attention to the past; just remember you can always change the future!


Crystal said...

Thank you for your comment.. and sending that link. I read her blog and it did help shed some light on swine flu. Thank you!

Crystal said...

And thank you so much for your prayers!! We are so grateful!!