Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flowers..... For Me?

While I was "vacationing"  hehe... that's what we will call it....
I received flowers from The Minute Man's Wife.  How sweet was that?
If you don't follow her blog, you should go check it out!
I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
She is pretty funny and would be a true gem in your blog line up!
So follow her!
The rules are pretty simple.

* Copy and paste this award to your blog

* Thank and link to the person that tagged you with it.

* List 7 facts about yourself

* Give the award to 5 other bloggers you enjoy and tell them they have it.
So here it goes.......
1- Me and my life is totally dysfunctional.  My husband and child are also a bit on the dysfunctional side too.  It's just how we roll.  While we do some normal things... like set down to a home cooked meal most nights... the dysfunctional part comes in during conversation.  Blood, poop, puke, nothing seems to be off limits during the conversations.
2- I am a planner.  I get totally stressed out and cranky when things are spur of the moment and not what I planned.
3- I grew up in a VERY small little rural farming community - like 800 people small. I was a member of the girl scouts and 4-H.  I used to compete in livestock judging and meat identification contests. I am a transplant into the city.
4- I wish I knew as much as my daughter does.  At the age of 15 she knows it all already and I know nothing. We clash often over this fact.
5- Yes I am an accountant now... but once upon a time, I was a Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher.  I have the degrees to prove it.  Sometimes I miss not being able to play all day long with the kids. 
6- Referring back to fact # 3.  I once was present for the birth of a two headed calf. It actually lived for a few minutes. 
7- I am totally NOT a TV or music person. I listen to music in the car... but that is about it. Oh and there is one show that I will watch religiously...
Big Brother
Weird, yes I know.

NOW....  I would like to pass on the flowers to 5 deserving bloggers that I enjoy stalking following.  Some I have been following since I started blogging and others i have stumbled upon just recently. But I thought YOU might enjoy them too... so check them out!

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How do I just pick 5 from all my wonderful bloggy friends?


Pennie said...

Awww...do you know the last time I got flowers??? A really long time ago! So...thanks, Chell! I'll post this later this week. :) I can honestly say that many of your things will NOT show up on my list! I grew up in Milwaukee when the population was a quarter of a million (that's a lie - I grew up in a suberb of 10,000 - but it was really an extension of Milwaukee...you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began) and I most definitely have NEVER seen a two headed calf, much less being born! (That is most definitely NOT a lie!) lol I cannot even imagine! I would have had nightmares for the rest of my life! Maybe if I even saw a one-headed calf being born...

Kimberley said...

Thanks for thinking of me Chell! I am honored!! I didn't realize you were a country girl at heart! Awesome!!!

Brandy@YDK said...

thanks for sharing! I never get to watch TV - i probably would if I had time. freakin kids. And I don't think I could be a kindergarten teacher.

Samantha said...

Thank you for the flowers & for thinking of me :)

stephanie said...

Thanks for the flowers! I'll be sure to re-post and pass the love along! And I'm from a small town too, only we did FFA instead of 4-H :)

Megan said...

I hope tax season is treating you well!! Come out of hiding soon!

Pennie said...

It's April 15th...hope to be hearing from you soon! ;)

Just checking in...