Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Did ya miss me?
I am back….

What a crazy mess it has been around here!

Tax season = 60+ hours of work a week.

Teenager = countless taxi hours

End of school= Many hours of extra activities.

2 garage sales= insanity

Then, you know… we have that Oklahoma weather. Last week Ma Nature decided to give us a reality check and passed a tornado pretty close to our home. While we hid in our shelter and escaped without damage, many of our friends were not so lucky. We have friends that lost it all…. We have friends that are cousins with people that lost children…. And we are friends with some that have some damage, but will make it through (if they don’t kill their insurance people first)….

It really is sad though. We took our first trip through the damage this past weekend. Kobi was having withdrawals and wanted to see her boyfriend. – His housing addition was one that got hit so getting to it was a mess. Looking at all the destruction, the mangled trees, the homes torn to shreds… the random semi upside down in the middle of field (I really wonder where it came from!). Upon turning into his addition, I looked at what was left of a home and barn… I couldn’t help but think that the last time I drove down this road, that house had 20+ cars setting there and they were having a huge graduation celebration with a ton of family friends…. Who knew that only a few days later it would all be gone!




Brandy@YDK said...

welcome back. i'm so sad for your friends.

stephanie said...

welcome back! the devastation is heart breaking, glad y'all are ok.

Pennie said...

So glad your family wasn't hurt, Chell. I cannot imagine that kind of devastation. We had one hit in North Minneapolis - about 45 minutes away - but it just hit a few miles' worth. Nobody I know, since we moved here from another town, so all the people I know from here are in my own town.
I'm glad Kobi's boyfriend was ok, too. She must have been so relieved!