Friday, December 28, 2012

Can't think of a creative title

My brain is gone. 
this post is just a bunch of random crap.
Just sayin'

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Why does life go so freakin' fast that you don't have time to really stop and enjoy things. 
The older I get, the faster it goes.
I would LOVE to have ONE day.
To sit and do nothing. Stay in my PJs all day.
today would be a good day.... as it is snowing like crazy.
We were not supposed to have snow today.
But then again we were supposed to have a blizzard on Christmas Day.
Didn't happen.
I think the weathermen are on crack.

We have been going non stop this holiday season.
One more Christmas Celebration to go and we are done!
Well, actually not, because you see....
We have a huge arse New Years Eve Party
every. stinkin'.year.

Kobi is getting better and better every day and most of her stomach/throat probs have gone.
YEAH!  However, she still has a knot on the back of her neck.
We finally got her in for a CT scan.
It's nothing.
Well, it's something, but not a solid mass, even though it feels and looks like one.
So probably just an infected lymph node.
We will go to an ENT if it doesn't stop bothering her soon.

As I am rejoicing that Kobi's scan comes back with good news....
My friend and her 11 year old daughter were not so fortunate.
Please say some special prayers for them as the 11 year old undergoes surgery today to remove a tumor in her brain.

I hosted a wine and painting party a couple weeks ago.
We all painted Santa pictures.

If anyone has a chance to do a wine and palette party....
They are SO SO much fun!
Most things with wine are fun....

OK so now that I have totally spun you in circles with all my random crazy talk....
I best say toodles and get movin' onto my next project for the day....
Hope everyone had a great Christmas
Hope you have a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

You sound like you've been as busy as we have! My poor blog has only been posted on twice this whole month!

I'll definitely say a prayer for your friend's daughter. I hope her surgery is successful! 11 is way too young to be dealing with something so terrible.

Andrea said...

Glad your daughter's tests came out well, and hope your friend's daughter hasa a successful surgery and recovery. You are one busy lady, the paintings! Oops, my. Name is Andrea...not Angie. :)

Angie said...

Glad to hear your daughter's tests came back good. My 2 year old has a knot on the back of his neck too. I had it checked once but it seems to be getting larger so I'm going to take him back next week and have it checked again. Knots are scary things. Prayers for the 11 year old that is having surgery and her family.

Marianne said...

Oh gosh. I am so relieved for you & your daughter, but my heart aches for your friend & her child.

I can't help it. I love the Santas. All lines up & happy. Thank you for that & here's hoping for a great New Year for everyone!