Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've Been Tagged

So, I've been tagged! Samantha over at Apple Juice and Milk tagged me, and I thought it would be fun to continue the process! As part of the "tagging" process, Samantha, who was tagged by Theta Mom, has asked that I write 5 experiences that have helped shape me into a Theta Mom (a true, authentic Mom), and then tag some other, really AWESOME theta moms! So, here it goes, here are 5 experiences that have molded and shaped me into a Theta Mom.

1. My Dad passed away when I was 7 years old. My Mom is so awesome and was able to raise all 3 of her kids on her own. She always worked non-stop to get things done and we always had what we needed AND wanted. I believe seeing her strength as a child is why I am so stubborn and pig-headed why I take charge and get the job done. I can't stop until the project is complete.

2.I was a single parent for a while and I was not afraid. I did what I had to do, to make sure my baby girl had everything in the world! -*sigh* and now she is spoiled rotten! I don't think I ever had a second thought about being a single parent...I was use to only having one parent, but under different circumstances.

3. I dropped out of college my first time around, after the first semester. Once I learned that I was pregnant and would have to "be responsible"... I not only went to school full-time, but I also worked. I felt guilty about leaving my child...but I had to do something to make a better life for us. I ended up getting my degree in Early Childhood Education so I could maybe have a better understanding of why my child did certain things and how I could teach the right things as she grew.

4. I was that over-bearing, over-protective mother. As an infant, anytime my child went outside she had her ears covered... I followed the charts on what and when to feed her certain foods... I was constantly wiping her face and hands.., She always had on BIG bows and if her outfit was dirty, it was changed immediately. (I can say she was RARELY sick & did not have an ear infection until she was almost 2) Yes, I know that was OCD, but at the time, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right!

5. My daughter is a teenager now and OH HOW TIMES ARE ROUGH! When there are troubles, I smack my child around really try to follow the behavior back to the source. It's not easy at all - but I try to have an understanding of what my child is going through and what is causing the behavior. (good or bad)

I have shared with you just 5 of the many experiences I have had, that have helped shape me into a theta mom, now please grab this tag and share with all of us, your experiences. Make sure you tag others as well!

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Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity said...

Wow! You are such a strong lady. I am so glad to get to know you through your blog!

Pennie Bixler said...

Love these insights into your life! BTW, I have something for you at my blog...check it out! :O)

Laura said...

I love #3, I think that's so awesome! Also, I thought I might have wrote #4...I was the same way, until I had the second one. :)
Have a great day!

Kimberley said...

Thanks for tagging me! Wow, I have to say I blushed a little knowing that someone would think of me as a Theta Mom! I finally got my post up, it was so thought provoking I had to sleep on it!

Theta Mom said...

What an AWESOME post! I really enjoyed reading it and you are a THETA MOM! You have been through so much in your life...and motherhood doesn't get more authentic than that. I'm having the best time finding new blogs to read like yours! ;)