Monday, November 30, 2009


So, it has been so long since I last posted. Almost 2 weeks. WOW! I did not mean for that to happen, it just did. Why is it, the older we get the faster time passes? Things have been crazy busy around here, but that's normal.

My jaw surgery went fine. I went back for my one week check up only to find out that I have to wear a splint in my mouth at least until January 6th. I have lost 20 lbs and gone from a size 10 slacks to a size 4 or 6 in two weeks time. It's crazy. I am restricted to only food that I don't have to chew. Soup,slim fast, pasta, and potatoes have been my main staples. I did manage to get a cheese enchilada down tonight. I have got to figure out something soon though, I don't want to loose any more weight.

Thanksgiving has came and gone. I did my usual thing and cooked for both Kyle's family, as well as my own. It was soooooo hard to cook things and not be able to eat them... kind of like rubbing salt in an open wound. Aside from the fact that I couldn't eat much, I think we had fun... all 26 of us :) I did figure out that I could mix pumpkin pie (w/o crust) and cool whip to eat. MMMMMMMM

I also got to enjoy my great nephew on Thanksgiving. He is the funniest, cutest little guy! Kobi loved entertaining him. He is getting ready to have a new brother a few days after Christmas. I am sad that we won't get to see him/ them again for a while.

While home for Thanksgiving, I also was able to put out all the Christmas decorations. I love decorating for the holidays! Kyle got up on the roof and put out the new lights. This year we went with all red LED lights. I hope they last a while. The last set of lights only lasted a few years.

We also had to say good bye to our dear friends, washer and dryer. They were not totally dead, but they were about to give out at any given moment. We made the decision to go ahead and replace them with front loaders. Smack me for what I am about to say.....but I am liking doing laundry now. Okay, not the folding and putting away part, so the hubs is still taking care of that for me :)

The second job (scentsy) went CRAZY during November. It was a full time second job. I am thinking it was mainly due to the holidays coming up and everyone wanting to get their Christmas gifts purchased. I have made two long trips (4-6 hours total drive time) to host parties for people. I am actually getting to drive up to my hometown this weekend (2 hours away) to do another party. I am kind of excited that I will hopefully get to see some familiar faces this time around.

So, I guess now it is time to get back to my evening routine and continue to try to catch up on things. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful!


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Samantha said...

I know that when I got braces back in middle school, that's when I lost all of my weight. I've said many times I wish I could put braces on my teeth again. Eating with braces didn't hurt, it was just a nuisance to eat. So therefore, you ate very little :)

I'm glad your Thanksgiving went well!