Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Really? The Food Network?

I am totally lame. I know it. I have been reading ya'll blogs - YES I am from Oklahoma AND YES I say ya'll. I just haven't had the extra time to comment. I am a drive by blog reader.... or would that be a "click-by" instead of a drive - by?

I have been running my rear off trying to get things done before my surgery today. I am now reduced to having a LIST that I really do hope I can finish before Saturday evening. I did take off today for the procedure and Thursday and Friday to recoup.

Last night we went and had a great meal again at Louie's with our friends. Good times AND good food! Was truly my last good meal for 6 weeks. The surgery went very quick and was not as bad as I thought. They had a little problem putting me under... LOL Evidently I take more anesthesia than a person my size would normally need. I now have to wear this splint thing in my mouth. I can talk. LIQUID/extremely soft foods only.... nothing I have to chew up. - for six weeks.

After my surgery, Kyle and I ran to academy. Kyle had to get peanut oil to fry up the turkeys next week. I stumbled along pushing the cart. Someone really should of pulled my cart over, it was obviously that I was driving my cart under the influence. I ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of wind pants, and a wind suit. UMMMM at least I THINK I did...I found them in my room by my purse later on during the really is still a blur...

We then went to Walmart to fill my prescription. They said over an hour to fill, so we bought something, I don't even remember what, and left. I did go back to walmart tonight and picked up all the things on my list that I needed.

Once home I ate what everyone would want for their first meal after surgery -- Pea Soup! MMMMMM I also guzzled a Dr Pepper or two ... maybe three. I hurt, but I am not that sore... but it does hurt.(I have been told by many doctors that I have an extremely high pain tolerance) I went and visited my neighbor this afternoon ( and ONE of the most adorable babies in the world) and took her some scentsy stuff. Less than 4 hours after surgery I was out selling scentsy and scheduling parties... THAT is so SAD! For supper I had a slim fast and mashed potatoes. (OH YEAH! - Slim Fast is one of the items we purchased at walmart this morning)

I am having issues remembering things for a few hours after my surgery. Yes, yes I am.

HOWEVER...I do know that my the phone call asked me to be there at 9:15. I do know that I could not have anything to eat 8 hours before my surgery. The Oral Surgery Center that I went to had these wonderful big screen tv's to watch while we waited an hour for me to go back... we caught a full hour of some guys cooking show. REALLY? ARE YOU THAT FREAKING CRAZY? Come on people... you are already torturing us by not being able to eat AND by cutting on us...THEN you want us to sit and watch the food network while we wait? My stomach was growling so bad by surgery time.


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Pennie said...

I cannot believe you are on your's the meds, right? Either that or you really DO have a high pain tolerance! :) I hope you find the yummiest liquids on the face of the earth, Chell - really! Get well soon!