Friday, May 7, 2010

My Crazy Randomnistic Post for FRIDAY

So what a crazy week it has been! I have ten million and two things I should be doing… NO MOTIVATION! Last night I was supposed to pack for an over-night trip to my Mom’s house. I also needed to load things in the truck to take to her garage sale. Everything was going great, then I got home from work and I stalled. I made a few phone calls and found out that my car was not ready yet at the dealership. Well, if the car isn’t ready, then I can’t pack up the truck, because I would be driving it to work. Can’t leave it setting outside all loaded down. I then stalled some more by talking to my sister-in-law. Finally, I looked at the clock and decided it was time to start cooking dinner. While cooking dinner, I was checking my email. Someone is desperately looking for a couple of Scentsy warmers that their Mom wants for Mother’s Day. Eger to gain a new client, I finished dinner and ran off to make a sale.

I am hoping I get to go pick up my car today on my lunch hour. It is getting to high level of frustration. All over a tiny pothole. Wait 69 inches across is not tiny. OK all over a LARGE pothole! Yes driving along chit chatting away with the hubs….WHAM! I immediately blamed him for talking to me and distracting me while driving… hehe cause that is what any wife would do. Right? Any how, the 69 inch crater not only bulged my tire, but it broke the strut. While trying to get the tire replaced, I find out that holy schmoly, just 1 of my tires will cost $398.74 mounted and balanced. WHAT?? Are you crazy? I finally found some warranty paper in my car for the tires…. I began talking. Never underestimate the power of a fast talking woman. Although, I don’t think the tires were really covered (because it was a “road hazard”) I convinced the guy that he should honor it. Only one thing, I needed a purchase paper on my car. Seriously, you just want me to pull a paper out of where? OH, AND it has to be one that states the purchase date….hhhmmmmm Since I couldn’t produce a paper stating when I purchased my car…. He decided to prorate the tire for me. $127.47 sounded much better and we came to an agreement that we would both be fine with that.

So the tire is replaced. Time to do a little check up and find out what that HORRID rattle is…. Here is a brief run down on how that is going…..

Take the car in, don’t have the part. Bring the car home.

Take car in, put parts on…. Part is bad…. Can’t have car….

Get another new part in…. Supposed to have it fix for me today BY NOON!

Hopefully they will fix it today as stated… I really need to leave for my mom’s!!



Brandy said...

Good job talking the guy down on the tire. Dealing with car places is such a pain. Happy mom day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cause you know if you aren't at mom's on time, she'll talk about you for weeks to come! LOL That sure makes that 13 hour drive I have not so do-able now, huh?

Kimberley said...

That sounds like a typical week in our house! I just purchased my first Scentsy yesterday! I can't believe all of the yummy aromas they have!