Tuesday, May 4, 2010

YEAH & BOO At the same time!!

Okay ---enough.  Vacation is over. I won’t lie. I love you guys and your funny emails, but vacation was nice. REAL NICE. But just like everything else, vacations must come to an end. So much has happened in the last 3 months, I can’t begin to tell you about it all. Here is a brief run down:

--Tax season is over. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time. The overtime is done, but work is sometimes toooo slow.

--The Hubs & I took up gambling. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time. Some you win, some you loose.

--I had another surgery on my jaw. This one required off work for two weeks. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time. Got to take off for two weeks and there is not a lot of pain, but I am actually only on my 2nd day back at work.

--The Scentsy business is growing by leaps and bounds. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time.
Boy, it’s time consuming but man I love that stuff!!!

--We had a garage sale with my mother and sister-in-law. YEAH! / BOO! All at the same time.
Sold lots of things, but sheesh 3 days later and I am still tired from it all.

So I was snooping around all the blogs today. I missed reading and sharing every day. I can’t believe how big everyone’s babies have gotten!! Seriously--in just 3 months!!

OK, so no big grand entrance or anything like that.... but just so ya know.  I am back.  *WAVES HELLO!!!*



Brandy said...

glad you are back. i hear lots of good things about scentsy

Samantha said...

Yay (no boos) for being back!