Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Jaw

Update on the old jaw. Yes it is old. It is old because it is mine. Before I went on vacation, I had several procedures done on my jaw. Nothing was successful. SO, the doctor told me they would have to do another surgery on me and actually drill into my jaw and then insert a pin, to attach to the disc in my jaw – It would then stay in place. I was really not looking forward to that. Sounded too painful.

The day finally came. I had to go to the hospital. The other procedures had been done in his office. Once they finally got into the surgery, the doctor discovered that the surgery would not go as planned. The disc was actually in place, just torn and also the ligaments in my jaw needed to be repaired in a major way. SO, good news – NO DRILLING into my jaw.

The surgery was a success, well so far. It has been a few weeks and I am still healing. I have a pretty 3 inch wound in front of my left ear and I have an awesome 80’s style shaved stripe above my ear. I am still seriously thinking of shaving the other side to match.

The day after my surgery I was totally excited that nobody had to drill. I actually had my husband take me flower shopping and I filled my flowerbeds full of flowers. (I had my ice pack tied to my head-hehe) The day after that, the 48 hour mark is when it hit me. Actually it looked like someone really did hit me. My face was all swollen. My eye was all pretty shades of purple, red, black and blue. I could hardly see out of my left eye because it was too swollen. I decided at that point that I had better stay in for a while. I had to entertain myself. I am not one to sit and do nothing. So, I started in with the beads and made a ton of jewelry. I am going to start posting some on my etsy website soon. Hey, I needed something else to do, Right?

To add to my list of things I really need to do.... I am thinking we need a Spring look around here....coming soon.... I hope.



Pennie said...

Ooo - haven't visited your blog in a while (sorry about that), but last time I was around, you just began this journey of jaw surgeries. Yikes! You're still at it! Poor thing!
I know a bit about all the doctors visits and procedures - I just got diagnosed with MS and I've been through more drugs and side effects and stuff than I care to go over - ugh - so I feel for you - truly!
While I can relate to the medical stuff, you've truly had more pain to deal with than I - yikes! I hope you're healed up soon, Chell. That does not look like fun, in the least! You have a great attitude, though. My thoughts are with you!

Brandy said...

your jaw doesn't look so pretty but your necklace is gorgeous

Samantha said...

This made my jaw hurt :( I'm sorry.