Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Do you ever just wish time would STOP or maybe just slow down a little?
We have so many things going on... It is total INSANITY I tell ya!

Because I never have enough to do, I decided to tear out a flower bed in the front yard and use the bricks to make a cool fire pit on the deck.  It was LATE by the time I got done.

We purchased this stuff.....

Which resulted in this.....

I can not tell you how happy I am.  We He is doing all 3 bedrooms while recovering from his surgery.

We also had a Birthday thing going on yesterday.... Someone turned 16.
We go tomorrow to take "THE DRIVING TEST"  - UGH!

Remember when I swore this was the last time I was redecorating Kobi's room? Well poooo she wants something else!  I was thinking that not even a year had past and how dare she!  Opppssss I guess it was in 09 and not 10.  Got the blog post as proof. SO this week we are turning the white into purple. At least it isn't something major.  But The hubs said that I HAVE to get it done before he puts in the new floors.
Guess I will be painting this week.

Finally - Those that have made it through my entirely long boring post.... I have a SURPRISE for you!
Remember.... I told you when I got 10 more followers, I would do a giveaway???

Well guess what??  YUP!
We got 10
Everyone say *HI*

Say hello to JACK-

He is going to get to go home with someone :)
Along with 2 bars of wax!
All you have to do to enter is:
Go to my WEBSITE and look at all the warmers and scents.
Leave me ONE comment with your favorites!
You can also leave me ONE comment if you blog and link to this giveaway !!
I will close up the giveaway Thursday night.... and pick a winner on Friday!

Just a reminder, Scentsy is on SALE this month!  Hurry and get your packaged deals cheaper! The prices will be changing next month :(  STOCK UP NOW FOLKS!

If you have questions or want a new Fall & Winter book, email me! I will be happy to help!
Thanks to all of those that have already placed orders through me... I greatly appreciate your business!


Julie said...

I've never tried Scentsy, but I've always wanted to. I lean towards all things cinnamon scented--especially in the Fall.

stephanie said...

you have been super busy! and I would love to try the Autumn Sunset acent!

Brandy@YDK said...

I can't believe your husband is doing wood floors with that cast on. Crazy! They look good. Love the color. Way to go on the fire pit too.

I love scentsy. That is all, :)

ShaRhonda said...

Love that fire pit!! Do you have a "legal" driver? Yay you got your 10! My fave besides my order of the cupcake warmer and bday cake scent...hmmmm okay the Arkansas Razorback Warmer will be my next purchase and my scent will be baked apple pie!!!

starnes family said...

Autumn scents for sure! That jack-o-lantern is precious!

Johanson Family said...

YAY!! Entering to win! I'm a huge Scentsy Fan.. my favorite scent of all time is Silver Bells.. i could inhale it FOREVER!! I also like Mr Watson (is that right? its the blue with the manly smell).... also pima cotton and ocean breeze.. i love the lil' jack warmer-- the scentsy site is showing down, so I can't tell ya the exact names of the other warmers I love.. but chamberlain or something along those lines sounds familiar to me as to a name of one of them? i like the one with the fluer de leis on it... EEK!! So exciting!!

Amber said...

Yikes I'm last and as Janette says that's always bad news so hopefully someone gets in under the gun below me!


Anyway, I love all things that smell good. I really like the selection of plug in warmers and baked apple pie??? One of my most favorite scents of anything ever!!!