Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Free For All

Do you ever have like 10 million and one things on your mind?
Does it just plain piss ya off... 
Like it does me? 

By the way... I have a new little button over there on the left.
Feel free to copy and share on your page....
Or update....
It's whatevs

NOW, look up top in my header...
I have a recipe box up there.
It has all the recipes I post.
In one easy place!
You will also find my FAV peeps up there also in the tabs.
I am actually planning on working on that page this weekend....

I just want to relax...
I want to do NOTHING!
Like that is ever really going to happen.

I am letting a situation eat at me...
One that really shouldn't.
But it does.
Someone who is 18-19 years old.
Someone who has had a ROUGH life.
Like parents in jail...
Fostered out....
Sister the same age with 2 little kids...
You think she is doing great...
Then she makes a bad choice.
Now, I am not talking hair color bad choice...
Or... wore the wrong shoes bad choice.
I am talking shoplifting from a store in the mall.
Last night she posted pictures drinking in a bar/restaurant.
With a friend.
Stop saying oh my life is horrible...
Stop saying I am young and going to make mistakes.
She is totally going to end up in jail like many of her family members.
It sucks.
Those are not mistakes. 
Those are STUPID choices PERIOD.

I really want take off work early today.
Go do the weekly grocery shopping...
Then barricade myself in the house.
Not leave the whole weekend.
Clean out and organize closets and cabinets.
Dump drawers out on the floor...
Just plain get it all together.

I am ready for Monday night.
It's bowling night.
YES I am a fruitcake who bowls.
We are going to be crowned MID League CHAMPS this Monday night.
There is no way we can loose our spot.

Kobi's car is in the shop.
They can not find an engine for her car.
It's on them.
They are taking care of the bill.
We have not had a working car since end of SEPTEMBER.
I do like the jeep I am driving at their expense...
But I just want this all to be over!

Tax season.
It is almost here.
As soon as I blink...
I will loose 2.5 months of my life.
POOF out the door.
However, I will gain about 4 weeks paid time off.

I am done boring you with a long post and no pics.

Have a great weekend!


Lil Dreamer said...

Somehow I find the thought of you wielding a bowling ball quite frightening!!

Angie said...

Your poor mind sounds about like mine. Just too cluttered with thoughts. I let things eat at me too. Things that are probably minor in the grand scheme of things but still, they just drive me insane.

Hope you have a restful weekend. Sounds like you could use it.

Lourie said...

I think most of us know at least one person who makes "mistakes" and then either complains about their lives or shrugs it off. I can think of two myself.

Tax time already? *sigh*

Sarah Kate said...

I hate it when I've got a million things on my mind. Instead of pissing me off, it normally just makes me want to cry. If I were pissed off, I'd probably be more productive about it. ;o)

I hope you got it all sorted out over the weekend though!

Erin Tagle said...

I love bowling too.

And yes, I hate when people/friends/family make bad decisions. Grrrr