Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fired Up!

I am on a rant.
This really
I have a few words for Kaitlin
You are acting like a spoiled rotten brat.
Get over yourself.
You did wrong.
Apologize and move on.
There are rules at school
in life.
Follow them, or suffer the consequences.

You can read the whole article by clicking on the link above.
Long story short.....
She turned in her Valedictorian speech last year for approval.
when she gave her speech
she opted for the word HELL instead of HECK

No, not really a big deal.
She knew it was wrong
She would have submitted the actual wording for approval.

Most High Schools do hold actual diplomas until after graduation.

To ensure proper and adult-like behavior.

With her 4.0 GPA, one would think she would be smart enough to realize, that breaking school rules would result in punishment.

Why wait ALL Summer long to go pick up your diploma....
You knew what you did was wrong...
Did you think they would forget?

At least half the teenagers today think they are above punishment and can do what they want and they will have no consequences.....

I hope the school officials stick to their guns and refuse to hand over the goods, until she follows through and shows respect for the rules.

PS: If you are so 4.0 couldn't you come up with your own words instead of quoting the movie twilight?


stephanie said...

yes yes and YES! I completely agree with every point you made. hell? not that bad of a word. but she should have known better. and part of growing up is owning up to when you are wrong and in this case she is so wrong.

Nicole said...

Yeah I'm sorry, that's not appropriate. Come on, there are people, adults, who would have been offended by that. Just goes to show you what kids think they can get by with. I can't say much, I kind of have a mouth on me at times, but know your audience and know your limits.

Andrea said...

Sorry, but I can't get past quoting Twilight to begin with! Even "May the odds be ever in your favor" would've been better!

Samantha said...

My Parents are currently having issues with my baby Brother (who is currently in jail for these issues) and the whole reason for these that he feels like he's ENTITLED to do what he wants and not suffer the consequences. I think that's whats wrong with kids these days. They think they are entitled to say and do what they want...and then when they actually DO get in trouble for whatever they did...they act surprised and like you said...spoiled brats.