Monday, January 16, 2012


It's that time again folks.
The time where I randomly disappear for days - weeks at a time.
Don't leave me.
Don't break up...
I need the love and support.
You see, it is nearing tax season.
Those 10 weeks a year I work 56-60 hours a week.

Tasty on Thursday has gone away until April.
There is no way I can keep it going during tax season...
I just never know when I will have time to blog....

I have been having a hard time getting on to blog.
We have been dealing with a car issue.
IT was a good car.
Like New!
But then things happened....
Had a little damage to the bumper and radiator. 
We took it to the body shop.
They failed to fix the mechanical side properly.
The car kept over heating and they could never find the issue.
Finally WE as in me and my Hubs figured out the problem...
They fixed it.
But it was to late.
The engine was cracked from overheating to much!

They replaced the engine...
They knew their mistakes.
I drove loaner cars...
Kobi drove mine.
They couldn't fix a fan motor properly or find a problem with an engine for 3 months...
Would you trust them putting in an engine in your car?
Point was proven when we "got the car back again" last Wednesday.
The hood was not even on straight...
Causing it not to latch properly.

They bought the car.
They gave me more than I paid for it.
Then offered us several options at a very good price.
Trying to make things right...
We bought this....

A little Jeep Patriot.



Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's Talk To Us Tuesday....
You know...
That day you hook up and have fun with the girls...
You know.... IA and Shawn

Do it...
All the kewl kids are...

I am in a spiraling FUNK.
I would like to tell many people...
to just FUNK off.

You see this sign?
I think it is worded incorrectly.
It should say:
"Drive Thru - We are going to FUNK You Parking"
You are taking your chances by going to a drive thru....
If you get pulled into one of these babies???
You are screwed.

I am on my lunch hour.
This is my time.
Stop barging in to ask me questions.

On a good note.... the dealership...
The one that messed up my daughter's car???
They finally received a brand new engine to put in her car.
 Now I can't decide if I want to sell the car and find her something else...
Or just keep it.
I am afraid it is going to be a continuous problem.

OH... I guess that is all I have...
Because well lunch is over...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Weekend....

Dear Weekend,

You Sucked.

I totally did not have the quiet at home weekend that I had longed for.
I wanted to clean out my cabinets, organize, de-clutter and deep clean.
Every OCD person's dream!

Didn't happen.

Saturday the Hubs and I took off to go eat lunch at a nearby casino....
We got up and was out the door by 9am on Saturday.
We got home only to turn around and leave again...
We didn't get home until 10:30ish that night.

Sunday was the day I ran errands...
And I actually had time to sweep and mop.
But that is it.

A weekend full of running around.
I hate having to go somewhere every stinking weekend...
Or having something to do.

I want to do NOTHING.
Just once.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Free For All

Do you ever have like 10 million and one things on your mind?
Does it just plain piss ya off... 
Like it does me? 

By the way... I have a new little button over there on the left.
Feel free to copy and share on your page....
Or update....
It's whatevs

NOW, look up top in my header...
I have a recipe box up there.
It has all the recipes I post.
In one easy place!
You will also find my FAV peeps up there also in the tabs.
I am actually planning on working on that page this weekend....

I just want to relax...
I want to do NOTHING!
Like that is ever really going to happen.

I am letting a situation eat at me...
One that really shouldn't.
But it does.
Someone who is 18-19 years old.
Someone who has had a ROUGH life.
Like parents in jail...
Fostered out....
Sister the same age with 2 little kids...
You think she is doing great...
Then she makes a bad choice.
Now, I am not talking hair color bad choice...
Or... wore the wrong shoes bad choice.
I am talking shoplifting from a store in the mall.
Last night she posted pictures drinking in a bar/restaurant.
With a friend.
Stop saying oh my life is horrible...
Stop saying I am young and going to make mistakes.
She is totally going to end up in jail like many of her family members.
It sucks.
Those are not mistakes. 
Those are STUPID choices PERIOD.

I really want take off work early today.
Go do the weekly grocery shopping...
Then barricade myself in the house.
Not leave the whole weekend.
Clean out and organize closets and cabinets.
Dump drawers out on the floor...
Just plain get it all together.

I am ready for Monday night.
It's bowling night.
YES I am a fruitcake who bowls.
We are going to be crowned MID League CHAMPS this Monday night.
There is no way we can loose our spot.

Kobi's car is in the shop.
They can not find an engine for her car.
It's on them.
They are taking care of the bill.
We have not had a working car since end of SEPTEMBER.
I do like the jeep I am driving at their expense...
But I just want this all to be over!

Tax season.
It is almost here.
As soon as I blink...
I will loose 2.5 months of my life.
POOF out the door.
However, I will gain about 4 weeks paid time off.

I am done boring you with a long post and no pics.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tasty on a Thursday

It is that time....
Time you share your recipes!

Please post your link to your blog below!
It's easy...
All you have to do is click on add the link...
Type the name of your recipe...
Then copy and paste the link to your post in the box.
Nothing else :)
Today I am not going to help your diet.
Someone posted this recipe last week.
I can't find it again to give props.

Butterfinger Bites

You need :
Better Cheddars or LARGE cheese its
Creamy Peanut Butter
Chocolate Almond Bark

I know you are saying YUCKO
But trust me!!

Make Peanut Butter/Cracker Sandwiches and then dip in the melted chocolate.
The be generous with the peanut butter.

If you like butterfingers
You will LOVE these!

Make sure and share your recipe below!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Talk Time

So I am joining IA and Shawn....
Linking up with Talk to Us Tuesday...
But this is Wednesday.
I am a day late.
I know.
It's just how I have to roll sometimes.

I don't have much going on right now.
Just work.
And more WORK.
It's that time of year ya know.
The time that I go into hiding until April 15.

I will still be bringing you Tasty on a Thursday....
Yup that's tomorrow.
If you post a recipe any time this week...
Please share.
There will be a place to link up!
Easy stuff!

The weather has been wonderful.

70 degrees during December?  Yup I'll take it.
But I know the cold/snow is going to hit hard.
I am ready.
Not really.

Just Dance 3
It's been a big hit at our place.

This Kobi and her Boyfriend....
We had just broken the game out of the wrapper....
He had never played before...
She lost.
The competitive side took over...
She didn't loose again.

While off on Christmas Break...
Kobi had time to be creative.

Not a good pic... but she does an awesome leopard print and can get pretty cool designs going.

I am not one for New Year's Resolutions....
I have decided....
I need to start drinking more alcohol water.
I even got an adorable glass to keep at work...
Hoping that would help.
I have got to stop drinking so much pop.
I was drinking at least 6-8 cans a day....
If I grabbed lunch or breakfast out...
A cup full of pop got added in the mix.
Not to mention the occasional Big Gulps.

Do you make resolutions for the New Year?
If so...
How often do you actually follow through?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY 2012

Happy 2012 Peeps!
Please don't hate or unfollow for my horrid bloggy buddy ways this past week.
I love ya....
It has just been a horrible ROUGH week.
Now we are slowly recovering from the weekend.
No hangover...
Just exhaustion.
5 day Stomach bug + Party at our place = A day of NOTHING!

Now.... Let's talk New Year's Eve and the people of Walmart that attended.
Seems there was alot of the stomach bug going around, family emergencies and upper respiratory infections.
Made for a small and low key turn out...
Maybe 20 this year.

Made lots of Goodies....
You can find the recipe for the buffalo chicken dip and the chipotle ranch dip up top by clicking on my recipe box....
The other recipes will be coming soon in the weekly posts of Tasty on Thursdays.

A people of walmart party is not complete without trash can punch and red solo cups...

We rocked in the new year with this fellow....
I have NO clue who invited him.
Silly party crasher...
We had a karaoke set up, thanks to my brother and his toys...
It was complete with strobe lights and all sorts of flashy light...
We decided no to the fog machine...
JoyKill... I know.
This was pretty much a group event, as NOBODY was drunk enough to sing alone....
Some never even made it in to "group sing".
They stayed in the man cave watchin' sports and shooting pool.

Jasper seemed to enjoy himself...
He had NO CLUE the silliness we did to him...
The Hubs n I had fun planning out our costumes....
OH MY!  Just totally realized he had a beer in both hands....
Something cool about having a New Year's Eve party at our place is that we always have friends over to celebrate our Anniversary.  
Yup, January 1st.
So we never say Happy New Year...
It's always Happy Anniversary.
See these folk?
It's the same for them.
They are WAY ahead of us though...
They are on number 35
We be falling behind at number 8.

So how did you bring in 2012?