Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation Fun & More

Sorry it has taken me so long to post again. Life has just been so busy, so here are the details:

Update on me: As some of you know I have been having neuropathy. We still do not have a cause. My symptoms have been getting better though. I am getting SOME of my energy back and my arms, hands, legs, feet & face only tingle now sometimes. My regular doctor did blood tests, all came back good. Well my cholesteral was high, but otherwise good. He ordered a MRI on my brain and that came back clean. That is REAL good. Means no brain tumor or MS. Yeah! Still puzzled, my doctor sent me onto a neurologist. They got me in right away due to a cancellation. Another YEAH! He did an examination and said it could be one of 7 million different things causing this, so we want to start testing and rule out what it is not. I had alot more blood drawn that day for different tests. I also ended up having a T Spine MRI and a C Spine MRI. SO SO not fun. I had to be sedated all 3 MRI's. The C Spine MRI went fine. Today during the T spine MRI, she kept telling me last one, then when it was done, she would ask if I could handle another. She ended up doing 3 extra scans, that were all longer than the others. I go back to the doctor after Labor Day for all of the results.

Miss K:

This is my Little Miss K

This is my little girl...well what was my little girl. She's not so little any more. Today we did the hardest thing...we went to pick up her High School schedule. My baby is starting High School in a week. Growing up way to fast. I do not know how time has flown by so fast. I blinked and WHAM! Here she is all grown up! I am not ready for high school, not yet!

One Last Summer Trip:

We took one last summer trip in the travel trailer to our favorite little place, Eufaula Lake. We let K take a friend, M. They had so much fun. The resort/campground that we stayed in was hosting a wake board tournament. BOYS BOYS BOYS all over the place. The girls kept us on our toes... This is what it looked like the day we got there.

We went shopping downtown one morning while it was cool out. K took some good pictures of course.

We went to eat at our favorite place down in the cove... K & I had fun snapping pics while eating...

On the last day there, we had alot of fun watching the wake board tournament. That evening, the boys had fun on some ramps and pipes. K again took some good pics...

So now you know why it has taken me so long to do another post. We have just been a crazy sort of busy with life....


KiddoKare1 said...

Wow, awesome pics and I cannot believe how much K is growing up and that she's in high school. Yikes!

Chell said...

Totally crazy isn't it!!