Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Petunia aka LuLu

Magically and mysterious--That is what she is! She appears out of now where and can disappear as fast as she appears! Who am I talking about? It is Petunia aka LuLu our neighborhood pig.

What is a neighborhood pig? Well, she is a friendly creature that likes to come visit your front porch! But be nice to her, because she may disappear as fast as she appears! Side note- K is utterly embarrassed by Petunia and makes sure her friends entering the house know "it is a joke-the pig is not ours"!!

Our neighbors down the street started this tradition, one that was originally started about 4-5 years ago in a different neighborhood far, far away. Anyhow, Petunia was given away to someone else, in a garage sale *gasp*. They were tired of Petunia appearing on their porch! Although far from her original home the tradition continues, but now in a new and better neighborhood. A neighborhood with good people, that love her!

Petunia goes around from porch to porch. The rules are, there really are no rules. Just be nice to the Petunia, she is a sweet pig. You are allowed to be sneaky and pig nap Petunia for yourself, or you can pig nap her and place her on someone else's porch.

So now we have Petunia. I hope she stays for a while. She really is a sweet little piggy!


Megan said...

That is so funny. She is quite the, cute? piggy! What a fun little tradition.

Di said...

I think she is adorable! I can't understand why K doesn't like her........LOL

Chell said...

I love her... lol I agree she is cute/adorable!

Anonymous said...

That is Andy Griffith type stuff...good ol' days fun traditions. Its so refreshing to see they still exist. Love it.