Monday, June 13, 2011


Why do work weeks go so slow.... but the weekends seem to speed by so fast?

We started several weekend projects this past weekend.  Project #1 = patio table & chairs. We have a huge deck in our back yard but it lacks more furniture.  Score one for the home team... someone threw out a big table and 4 chairs in "big junk" pick up day. (The first trash day each month we are allowed to set out big junk at the curb and a different truck will haul it off.) Yes we went and took someone's trash. It is wrought iron.... just needs a little sanding, some rustoleum and a fresh coat of paint. We saved about $1000 for being crafty!  YEAH!! 

You know big junk pick up day is sometimes like Christmas... We have gotten a computer, a power washer and a top of the line wheel barrow. 

Another project we started was power washing the deck so we can water seal it again.  May end up having to sand some of the old stain off... But hey we are using the heck out of the power washer we got out of someone's big junk pile.

NO we do not go driving around looking through all the big junk piles.  BUT if we do see something while we are driving in the addition.... we stop and get it.

Does anyone else's city have a big junk day?

OH - off the topic.  There are some of you that I have been trying to post comments... it will not let me. While others it will... So YES  I have been reading your posts... but eh... can't comment.... ggrrrr I hope the problems get fixed soon.  Many are talking of the same issues, so I know it's not just me. I think I have figured it out though... I am only able to comment on those that have comment boxes that open in a new window.  The ones embedded under the post are not allowing me to comment. :(


Pennie said...

Yes - Blogger has been acting up in different areas...I know!

No, we don't have a big junk day...but, how fun is THAT???!!! Good for you! I'm all about reusing! I'd love to see a picture of your refurbished find! BEFORE and AFTER! You go, girl!

Brandy@YDK said...

i wish we had a big junk day. sound fun.

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

Well they say one persons junk is another persons treasure. You should post before and after photos of your table set.

stephanie said...

/i wish we had a big junk day! some of my favorite finds have been side of the road pieces :)