Monday, June 27, 2011

Nothing but NOTHING

Sooooooo I have not posted in a while. 
I am bad, I know.
I am about to have a meltdown.
Stress – Stress – Stress Keeps building.
It will all come to an end in about 48 hours.
In 48 hours, we leave for the lake….
Life in the travel trailer for 7 days.
No schedules
No plans
No work
Nothing but NOTHING
No internet -Nope not even on the phone….

I really should start gathering stuff tonight. The only thing I have done to get ready is make out a menu/grocery list, pulled storage totes out of the attic and gathered a few movies.

This my bloggy friends, is totally weird. Normally, I would already have EVERYTHING packed and ready to go!

But I don’t.


Pennie said...

Ha! It's my packing week, too! We leave this week for a two-weeker! To Yellowstone...and Custer National Park...but we're tentin' it. (No apologies necessary...we dig that sort of thing...) :)

Hope you have fun - and survive the packing!

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

Isn't it funny, I just posted a status on Facebook last night saying, a weekend getaway takes a week to prepare. I know the feeling. I am so behind at getting ready for my vacation.

stephanie said...

have fun! relax and enjoy yourself!!