Friday, October 26, 2012

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Our Fall weather finally arrived! 
Now if it will just stay.
This front followed me into work. It was 74 degrees at 7:15 when I got to work yesterday.
By 7:30, it was in the 50's.

Last night Kobi fell asleep directly after dinner.
When I was getting ready for bed,
I realized she didn't take her evening meds.
SO, like a good MOM....
I take them in to her.
Now, this happens all the time.
I usually just pop them in her mouth and she swallows them in her sleep.
Not happening....

As I tried to gently cram the pills down her throat....
She wakes up.
Sets straight up in bed.
Starts trembling.
Eyes WIDE open
Begins to ask in a full blown panic attack....
"Who are you?"

This is the basic run down:
Kobi: (Again) Who are you?
 Me: Seriously? Did you really just ask me that?
Kobi: *blank stare while tilting head and looking at me*
Me: Kobi?
Kobi: Yes?
Me: You need to take your pills.
Kobi: Who are you? (she is about to cry here...)
Me: Kobi (insert giggles n snorts here) It's me.... your MOTHER
Kobi: OH....
Me: Look it even says "MOM" on my shirt....

Kobi: (Tilting her head again to look at me)
Me: Can you take your pills so I can go to bed?
Kobi: Oh, ok Mom....
Me: What kind of drugs are you on or did you go drinking tonight? (kidding around of course)
Kobi: Well I don't know you are the one that just drugged me....
Me: Go back to sleep

She then lays back down and is totally out.

This morning I asked her if she remembered last night....
Of course I had to poke fun at her shen she said no....

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Hey there- thanks for linky party found you on linkytools! I linked up!

Nicole said...

Oh you gotta love random sleep convos!