Monday, October 15, 2012


What a weekend.
As long as your here.....
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I have become addicted to this game. If you know what this game is.... please leave me a message, as we need to become  facebook friends so we can share gifts.
Just sayin.....

I have been playing around with the recipe blog.....
Does anyone want to post a recipe a week over there and help out?
Just getting starting, but could prove to be tons o fun!

Come back on Friday for ......

A new Friday link up!
If you would like to co-host.
Let me know and we can work something out:)
the more the merrier!

This weekend was OU -Texas.
Lunch consisted of Beevo Burgers with a side of crow for a few of my Texas fans to get choked on.....
Tis ok.
It happens.

I have a few pictures.....
I have a crap ton of pics.
I hate when you have a crap ton of pics....
you can't post them.
Because people could like loose jobs and crap like that.
I have friends like that.

What happens when the football game starts at 11am?
Then the next at 3:30....
There was  alcohol consumed
Tis true.
I know.
How does a guy who doesn't smoke....
get away with smoking
and not having his hands smell like a ciggy?
rubber gloves
serious stuff.
rubber gloves always make for a good giggle
when someone walks up and sees it sitting there
and has NO clue why...

We somehow ended up with all these cuh razy shot drink things....
Loda Colada
Rum Jobs
Porn Stars
Buttery Nipples

We even got a visit from some chick
her name was ShaNayNay
She got to drunk and had to be escorted home.

I think ShaNayNay was not the ONLY person that had to be carried home.
I know there was a few more.
everyone lives within walking distance!

Today I am linkin' up with a few of my favorite blogs....
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Andrea said...

I'll gladly help out with some recipes if you'd like...anything specific?

Jill said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I think I met ShaNayNay's brother... His name was Tyrone, and he was on a Bachelorette Bus Tour that I was on a few weeks ago. LOL!!! Too funny!!

Impulsive Addict said...

BOOMER SOONER BABY!! Great game!!! I loved every second of kicking the shiz out of texASS.

Ok, the drinks are making me extremely thirsty! Seriously! I have to wait a few more weeks so stop that!

Thanks for linking up my friend!

Samantha said...

Your life always looks so fun :)

Shawn said...

I wish I were more into college football, I envy all of my friends that have the knowledge of the games, players and coaches and fun the fun that comes with watching it!

Poor ShaNayNay something tells me she might have been violated!

Thanks for linking up!

Nicole said...

You ahve my interest peeked with Fun with Friends Friday!

Nicole said...

and apparently I can't type... have :)