Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nuttin' Much

This has got to be be most boring random post ever....
Just sayin'.
It's just how my week is going...

This should prove it....
It's my breakfast this morning.
It's all I could find once I got to work.

We have been working on our house....
Doing a little updating.
It's only 6 years old, but some things just gotta be done.
We spent a few weekends painting the trim.
This past weekend.
We decided to blow more insulation into the attic
garage walls also.

This is basically what was waiting on me when I crawled out of bed Saturday morning.
Fun Times.

The Hub's legs....8 hours and 50+ bags later...

I was not feeling it.
I stayed up way past my bed time on Friday.
I was a good Mom.
I took Kobi to her boyfriend's away football game.
It was almost a 2 hour drive....
Off in a direction she normally doesn't drive.

We were almost in Texas!
I didn't know we had anything but flat lands in Oklahoma.
I gotta get out more....

I had the chance to meet his parents FINALLY.
They live 1.5 hours away....
It's odd, but it works for the kids....

Kobi's BF didn't know we were coming to the game.
His Mom did... But Kobi wanted to surprise him...
The look on his face after the game was totally priceless.

The boy definitely has a future in kicking.

Don't know if the video will work...
But I tried.
It's actually the sucky video....
But it's the only one that would load.....
This one is a field goal after a TD.
It's his kick off's that are just incredible.

So what are you talking about today?

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Jill said...

Oh, how I'd love to live somewhere where high school football games were that important!! (Friday Night Lights made this desire burn strong! haha!)

That looks like a perfectly normal breakfast to me! ;)

Nicole said...

There's the Arbuckle Mountains down around Paul's Valley, well south of there but before you get to Ardmore. Btw, don't speed through there... the big bird will get you... aka the police airplane.

Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, of course we have some "mountains" here. And they seriously call them mountains which is hilarious because they are probably the shortest mountains in the whole US!

What a nice mom to drive all that way. I tried to watch the video but it didn't work for me. =( But it said to "try again later" so maybe it's just down right now.

Thanks for linking up!!!