Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ready for the weekend....

Can time go any slower?? I am so ready for the weekend! I think this Easter weekend will be very exciting. Although I am unhappy about a few things happening this weekend, the happy things take over. I have not seen one of my brothers in person in probably 12 years. (we communicate via computer) This is the weekend. I will be going back to the ol' home town for Easter with my brother... well actually BOTH of my brothers. I have made some of my in-laws a little upset.

This year has been a MAJOR struggle with K and school. She has ADHD, she has always had ADHD, I just did not want to medicate her. I controlled her diet, her sleeping habits and her activities. We just couldn't keep it under control anymore without the help of the medication. School was where her ADHD behavior was most evident. However, as a parent I took the steps to get my child the help she needed. We now go to the doctor and counselor on a regular basis and holy smolly what a difference!!! The only problem is that K has dug herself such a deep deep hole at school that the office has ZERO tollerance of her, even though she is doing 95% better! She actually went from mid-feb until yesterday without a trip to the office! I was so so impressed that I found myself not being able to be upset with my child. Sometimes I feel K can sneeze wrong and get a write up :) I know that isn't true(to some point), but sheesh. Anyhow, yesterday, there was somehow a green bean and a french fry flying around at the lunch table. K got smacked in the head with the fry, so she continued the "game" and passed it on....UH OH! Wrong thing to do.... ALL the teachers know K from her previous conflicts, so she is the first one they look to when something is what happens, she gets suspended for the rest of the week. 3 days!! For tossing a French Fry! I had to laugh, that's really all I could do. This year has been so so crazy. I am ready for the end of May!

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