Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am a busy body. Sitting still is not an option for me, at all. I often tackle bigger jobs than I can handle, then I stress, but they eventually get done. Today is my husband's birthday. -- the BIG 40-- Happy Birthday Hunny! Last week tax season came to a close. So, I had Thursday and Friday off to prepare a "little gathering" (pics will follow in a later post). I somehow ended up with 200+ pics that must be reviewed, editted and some deleted. Anyway, 2 days to prepare for what we called our "white trash bash". No problem! Well, I just can't handle only having one thing to do, so....let's also paint the master bathroom(took 2 coats of primer & two coats of paint) and try to plant the flowers in the flower beds, AND vegetables in the garden. Oh, did I mention that I also needed to take a final and actually shop for most of the items for the bash and come up with costumes? I think I am just crazy. Plain CRAZY! So, the bash went pretty well, the final didn't get taken (I am taking off work this afternoon to take it), the bathroom did get finished before company arrived. The vegetable garden got taken care of last night. (Finally) and well some of the flowers have been planted, but I still have a long way to go and mulch to put down too. UGH! Why can't I just sit and relax sometime? Why must I always find something to do... and then some?

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