Thursday, June 4, 2009

Almost Done

It is getting closer and closer, my last day of school is almost here. 17 more days, 4 more papers, and about 3 hours work of homework left to go. I am really so excited to be reaching this goal of mine. My Masters of Financial Management and Accounting will be complete. I will take a couple months off then start working on trying to pass the CPA exams. I am totally scared of those! I do not test well at all.

Summer has officially begun for K. We have managed to keep her busy so far. I have not heard the "b" word (bored) YET. I am so totally loving the fact that she realizes, if she wants to go and do something, her room has to be clean :) Amazing, day four of summer and her room is still clean.

I am counting the days that we leave for vacation. This trip we will be pulling the travel trailer to Jellystone in Eufaula. We will get to be there for a whole week and I am ready to lounge by the pool or on the beach and best of all I will have NO homework to deal with. We have many friends and family members that are going at the same time, so there should never be a dull moment. The big fireworks display that the city of Eufaula puts on every year will be done almost directly over the camp grounds. I am glad we will not have to drive down to it this year.

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