Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Aready?

The weekend went by really fast! It seems there is never enough time to get everything done. Maybe my list of things to do is just to long or maybe I just can't get motivated on the weekends to do anything.

K left last Thursday to go to the lake with a friend and her family. It has been extremely weird around the house without her. She will be back today or tomorrow. So with K gone AND no homework-- I was left in total confusion. Seriously, I have been in school for the last 8 years, I think, it may be longer... I was taking one class at a time working on an education degree and then WHAM, changed gears and took accounting classes for 2 years and with what I already had done, was able to get my bachelor's in accounting, then I took about 6 months off and started working on my masters. I told K that I had finished all my homework and I was done with school. She asked when my next class started. When I told her I was DONE, she was in amazement and was like you have always been in school ever since I can remember!

Anyhow, I did the grocery shopping on Friday and really did nothing else but socialize with the neighbors. Saturday my allergies were causing such a headache, I couldn't get moving. I did start some laundry, but then I left and went and spent 3 hours getting my hair cut and colored :) The evening was fun, as we went and ate at chicken & chops with some of our neighbors...we then set out in the lawn chairs and chit chatted with all the neighbors.

Sunday was better. We got up and ran errands. We came home and I cleaned and vacuumed the pool. It was so pretty and clean. The Hubs & I got in and soaked up the sun for a while. My mom made an unexpected visit and stayed for dinner. While we were sitting down eating they started cutting the wheat in the field to the South of us...seriously didn't even know there was wheat back there. ANYHOW, there went the nice clean pool... Oh well....


Megan said...

Sounds like you got to relax!

How in the world does meme make an unexpected visit? LOL.

Chell said...

She was bored and decided to drive down! Good thing we were home. She spent 4 hours driving to visit for 3 hours! It was actually kind of nice!