Friday, July 10, 2009

So Bad...

I am so bad! Yes I am! I can not believe I have not gotten time to post lately here in the blog world. Time has actually flown by and gotten away from me.

First there was the vacation. That was a great glorious week! Lots of nothings to do. We did see rain one day of the vacation. Of course that came ON the night of the 4th. However, there was actually a 45 minute break in the storms and the fireworks show went on as planned.

Once arriving home, the projects have been never ending. There was of course the 20 loads of laundry. The lawn had to be mowed, the pool had to be cleaned, and the flower beds...OH MY! They were unsightly! The vegetable garden also needed some TLC. Then there was spraying for bugs in the yard and garden. Of course the house needed a thurough cleaning.... so UGH! I need another vacation!

Last night was wonderful. I am not a TV watcher, seriously I don't understand why we have 9 tv's in our house, but we do. Anyhow, my one weakness is Big Brother. Why? I do not know.... But I totally get hooked on that show. The season premier was last night. I am not totally sure of my opinions yet, but I do have one. I am so sad that Jesse is back in the house. UGH!

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