Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tingle Tingle Tingle

Things have been a little different around our house lately. But then again that is totally normal. This year in February I told my husband and daughter (who had already met the insurance deductible) that if they were going to have anything majorly wrong with them….this is the year. Well why not? We hit our deductible after 5-6 short weeks of the new year. Here it is July and we are near 100% coverage.
I really wasn’t serious when I told them they could be sick or have something wrong. It was just kind of one of those funny little jokes. Anyhow, K and the hubs have been somewhat fine lately….the curse has fallen on me to be sick.

We have been seeing the same doctor for 6-7 years. I love our doctor. He is great and always on top of things and blunt and to the point. I love my doctor even more, because the only time I usually see him is when I take K in for something. When I made an appointment for myself last week, he was very concerned and got to work asking ten million questions and poking and pushing in ten million places.
Basically over the last few weeks, I have had NO energy. That is so not me. I have to go nonstop all the time. I also started getting A LOT of tingling in my arms, legs and face. I have no strength….I even actually took a nap last Sunday afternoon. I NEVER nap!!

The final conclusion, after all of my lab work came back “normal” is that I have Neuropathy. HUH? That is what I said. I have turned to several friends that are in the medical profession to explain a little more, to see if my doctor was telling me everything. (he was) Basically it is what is considered a secondary diagnosis. ONLY they don’t have a diagnosis. So now they are starting the testing to find out what is causing the neuropathy. To keep you from looking it up, neuropathy is muscle weakness, cramps, and spasms. Loss of balance and coordination may also occur. You can also have tingling, numbness, and pain. Pain associated with this nerve is described in various ways such as the following: sensation of wearing an invisible "glove" or "sock", burning, freezing, or electric-like, extreme sensitivity to touch.

The doctor said he is going to go head to toe on me to find the cause. I guess he meant literally…. I have an appointment in the morning at 8:15 for an MRI on my head. I won’t go back until Monday to get the results. This is going to be one LONG weekend! It is so hard not to stress…But I am trying not to!

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