Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a boring ol’ post to update…

· Made 4 cakes this weekend. I am really starting to enjoy fondant more and more. I am getting used to working with it and I am not so stressed and worried about it turning out PREFECT. Here are 3 of them…

· We are planning a trip to the lake in the travel trailer. I plan on making lots of food! I love making food, have you noticed? We are going to have the football game on Saturday and I plan on having a big spread of fun foods. Today is Tuesday, we plan on leaving Thursday. No internet for 4-5 days. We may end up with NO fellow campers on this trip. That will be very VERY weird! We normally have 3-4 trailers camping together. I still plan on pigging out. It’s all about the food - right?

· The Hubs’ Grandmother is not doing well – AT ALL! Last night she was placed in the hospital for the first time in many years. She has made several trips to the ER lately and sadly enough, her health has been rapidly declining. The first round of news is that her kidneys are failing, her heart is having problems, and she needs an operation to fix a hernia ASAP. She was transported to a different hospital last night and we are now waiting test results and a plan of action. Even at 95 and with all of her ailments, she was still FULL of spunk last night when we went to visit her in the hospital. She had a lighted monitor on the end of her middle finger. When anyone would mention it, giving her a hard time that her finger was glowing, she would proudly give them the middle finger and laugh. She also wanted a mixed drink and a slot machine to occupy her time, she was bored. Gotta love her!

· Today is my birthday… I am slowly creeping up to that 4 – 0 mark….

· Did I mention we leave in 2 days? 7am Thursday morning to be exact. I have yet to pack anything… Maybe I should start?

Father-in-law is now going camping with us... YEAH, not totally by ourselves now.

Even better news on the home-front tonight. The Hubs' Grandmother is doing better. She is now getting hydrated. Seems not being able to keep things down for 5 days did her in so to speak... Her kidneys are still functioning at 20%. They are hopeful that they will get betterwith the hydration. Please pray that they do, because if not, she has to live with them at 20%. They can not do Dialysis, they said her body would not tollerate the process. They think the illness and sickness is do to gall stones. They are looking into that more. They believe they can deaden her stomach and move her hernia around so it will not cause the problems that it is now. This is good, because they didn't think her body would tollerate the surgery. At 95 she is still putting up a good fight!

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Rayli said...

love the cakes! I have always wanted to use fondant but not sure how. I heard it's tricky. Do you watch cake boss? Love that show!