Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 1,547,845

It seems like this weather is never going to end. COME ON PEOPLE! This is OKLAHOMA, the weather changes every 10 minutes. Did the weather dial get stuck on rainy & dreary??? Someone kick the dial and get some different weather here.

OK, I am done complaining. Back to finishing tax returns that procrastinating people bring into the office. Nothing like bringing in information 2 days before it is due!



Brandy said...

i'm so tired of the rain. dumb dumb dumb rain.

Samantha said...

Oh it POURED here yesterday. It never stopped! The sun is out today, bright and beautiful, but then tomorrow it's supposed to POUR again. I'm really getting kind of tired of these all day down pours :(

Megan said...

Same rain here. It could be worse I suppose though!