Friday, October 30, 2009

Tastes Like Chicken?

CAUTION: There is a gross factor going on here....

Last weekend we were invited to go with some friends ( Bob & Gayla) out to their family’s farm for a fish/calf fry. We gladly accepted. Growing up in the rural environment and in the south… I have tasted my fair share of
calf fries, also known as mountain oysters or prairie oysters. Let me give you a better picture, these are bull testicles that are peeled, sliced, coated in flour, seasoned, then deep-fried. YUM! Well sometimes YUM, sometimes not so YUM. Just knowing what they are, I have a hard time eating the fries unless they are thinly sliced and seasoned good, they then truly taste like pieces of popcorn chicken. (Yes they do taste like chicken)

To help you get a better picture:



Kobi was not really wanting to “go spend time with her family” on a Saturday night. (What teenage girl REALLY wants to do that) She came to me about 20 times trying to get me to let her stay home. She kept asking what we were going to eat, I just told her fish, French fries and other stuff. (I didn’t think she would eat the calf fries, so I failed to mention they were cooking those too) I will admit, before leaving, I made a couple peanut butter sandwiches that I threw in the truck, along with a bag of chips…just in case we needed them on the way home. (I feel guilty, but HEY you never know)

We get to our friends house and then we follow them out into the middle of nowhere…. Land of the pure fresh country air. (Well it wasn’t ALL pure, you did get an occasional whiff of cow poop) We got out of the truck and followed our friends into the barn (yes that is where dinner was being served) All of their family welcomed us and made us feel at home. Because my husband and I are still those nasty type of people that smoke, we joined a few other smokers outside, while our friends took Kobi in so they could get started on the grub. We got lost in conversation and spent about 15 minutes outside, then decided to go in and get something to eat.

When I finally walk into the barn, Kobi is setting there with this look on her face (almost a panicked look). I walked over to see what was wrong. She looked at me and then exclaimed(with this pathetic look) “I ATE BALLS!” I just couldn’t stop myself…I started laughing and laughing and then I laughed some more. My poor child was traumatized . I then heard this is how the whole thing went down. (I can’t believe I missed it)

Bob, Gayla & Kobi get food and set down to eat. A few minutes into the meal, this is how it happened….

Bob: Hey Gayla, did you try the fries, they seasoned them differently and they are SO good!

Gayla: I have tried the French fries and they are good. Different from last year, but no, I have not tried the calf fries yet.

Kobi: Gulp – CALF FRIES? Is this CALF FRIES? I AM EATING BALLS? I thought it was chicken….

She didn’t eat much more until the desserts came out. Poor child…. She vows that revenge will follow.

PS - Those were actually THE BEST calf fries I have ever eaten. My husband even liked them! (his first time to eat them)



Brandy said...

too funny. I actually enjoy them when they are cooked well.

Samantha said...

I would probably have a pretty hard time eating them, knowing what they are...just like the dude on the Food Network who travels around the world and eats all kinds of random stuff like that. Yuck! :)

Di Easterly said...

I never thought I would even try them, being a city girl, but I have to admit that I really like them!

Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity said...

OK . . . 1st "kitty litter" than testicles?!? Are you trying to make me invest in Depends???? :)

Laura said...

Agggghhhh calf balls!?!? No way! Your poor daughter, I would have been traumatized too!

our b life said...

I had them but goat balls they were. Tastes like chicken.

Sheila said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard I'm crying!!! I'm so sorry for your daughter - but it is TOO funny!!! :)
Thanks for visitng my blog!

Chell said...

It's totally normal where I am from to consume these... lol I promise she lived through it and NOW admits to somewhat liking them! She called all her friends that night to let them know "she ate balls". Teenagers are so wonderful.