Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Go Away!

Day # 9,347,398 of this stuff. Wet, misty, hair frizzin’ stuff.

If you haven’t noticed, I have to take this photo facing straight out. I can not look down long enough to take the picture. I am 10 stories up in my office building…

The weather forecast says it will clear up after today. I really hope so. After all I am leaving with my hubs and my darling, wonderful, always sweet without a hateful attitude, non-hormonal teenage daughter. (insert sarcastic laugh) OH, and this little guy is going with us also.

Jasper. Yes he is a dog – all 3.5 lbs of him. I call him my little old man, but really he is my baby. Back in the day, he used to LOVE to dress up for Halloween. No, I am not crazy, he really did like it. He would even go find his costume and bring it to you to put it on.

Crazy yes I know. My little guy is going to be 12 in December. I can always remember his birthday, he shares the day with my niece. He has also gone blind. Been that way for almost two years now, that’s a whole other post at a later date.

OH, where was I? YES! (see I am loosing my mind from lack of sleep)Leaving on a mini vacation! WOOHOO! Loaded up the travel trailer last night. Actually, the hubs is already there.He left this morning. I will meet him when Kobi gets out of school. Four cold glorious nights of hovering over sitting by the campfire. Four hellish glorious days of no computer. Four glorious days of NO work. We are going to have our neighbors joining us. YEAH! They will be pulling their rig in tomorrow night. WOOT WOOT Camping is always much better when shared with good friends! Well, most of the time anyhow.

OU-Texas is this weekend. Yes we will have the big screen tv pulled out watching the game, by the campfire. 20 inch flat screen is considered a big screen when you are camping! Right?

Time to pull together everything the hubs left behind – see you all in about 5 days! *waves bye*

PS: I REALLY REALLY do promise to try to take some pictures this time! I kind of suck in that department.



Brandy said...

I hate camping. hate it. I've never actually gone but I think I would hate it. AND love the dog costume.

Megan said...

What is Jasper going to be this year?

Nikki said...

I LOVE camping! Hope you have a great time.

What a sweet doggie. They do become family don't they? My German Shepherd, Sayde, is 10. She's sure showing her age.

I also know what you mean by the rain. I'm in Bama and it seems like it's been raining FOREVER!!