Friday, September 30, 2011

Finally Friday!


This weekend I am hosting an OPEN HOUSE on Sunday.
For my SCENTSY and we will also have Jordan Essentials and jewelry n aprons by another friend of mine..
I am excited.  I can't wait!
I have some of the new FALL line up for viewing or purchase.
Like this warmer...

and this on also...

 Great time to start Christmas shopping! I will even have a scentsy lay a way available for Christmas!
There is going to be good food & drinks....
Free stuff given away...
Free mini hand spa treatments!!
If anyone in the Oklahoma City area is interested.... shoot me an email or leave me a message!
Would make for a lovely bloggy friend get together.

I recently confessed my addiction to angry birds.

Well it's over...
I am done...
Well, at least until the next update comes along and they add more levels.
I have officially completed Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds AND Angry Birds Seasons with 3 stars on every level.
You can hate me now.
It's OK

I totally intend to be working on my blog this weekend.
I really need to get that "new look" done and

I recently had a little blog give away....
For the necklace from "Nicely Beaded"
Well we have a winner!
If you don't follow her already.... You should!
She has a GREAT blog!!


Pennie said...

Congrats! Cute necklace!

Okay...I have heard SO MUCH about Angry Birds. I am the only one on the planet who has not played the game. Seriously.

My son has it on his ipod touch. But, I just haven't gotten bitten by the bird bug, I guess...

Hope you have a great party and get lots of new orders! Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Pennie, you are NOT alone. I haven't played Angry Birds either!!

Samantha said...

Yay! I won! What do I do next? And I love Angry Birds...I played the free apps and beat them all. I wish I could come to your Scentsy party!

stephanie said...

congrats Samantha! and I love me some Angry Birds... and apparently so does Maggie haha

Stacie said...

I love Scentsy! And that necklace is gorgeous!