Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not As Planned

So work has been busy. All week long. CRAZY busy. Plus Saturdays.... we work during tax season.  56 hour work weeks aren't to bad in small doses.

Things don't always go as planned though.

2am - shooting pain.

I'm okay - toss turn try to sleep.

4am - 4 ibuprophen... try to sleep

Toss n turn

7 am - Wake up The Hubs to "talk" options.

wait to see my regular doctor on Monday
go to an "after hours" clinic
go to ER

We took the last choice.

Arrival time : 8am

Departure from the ER and directly into a room upstairs.... oh about 2:30ish.

Here's the kicker.  I am full of energy and feel fine.  I just have this dang pain in my side when I move.
They gave me one of these:
From what I know... This is going to be my friend for 3 days. 
3 long days of hard-strong antibiotics
I had plans for tonight too. Dang It!! 
OH AND Here is the kicker... liquid diet.
I am starving here people!!!!
Good news is... I can catch up on blog stalking :)


stephanie said...

Feel better! That sounds terrible you poor thing!

Kimberley said...

Yikes! Get some rest and take care of yourself. Here's to a speedy recover.

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

Did they say what is wrong? I have been having a horrible pain in my left side, the past few days. Really hope you are feeling better soon.

Dawn said...

Oh, no! No more nuts & lettuce for you.

I hope you feel better really soon.

Yay, for the opportunity to blog. =)

Pennie said...

Oh, dear! I do hope that you're better soon, Chell! I'll be checking in on you to make sure!

Love and prayers, Bloggy Buddy!

Brandy@YDK said...

oh my gosh. i hope you are feeling lots better now.