Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

So I feel I have totally lost 2 days of my life and I have no idea where they went.  Well - kind of.  I need more time in the day to accomplish what I feel needs to be done. It's only going to get worse with tax season knocking pounding on my door. 

Yesterday the hubs and I shoveled the driveway-there went 4 hours. I am so out of shape my shoulders and arms are screaming at me today. (hot bath coming soon)

Kobi had a friend over and we convinced the neighbor with a 4 wheel drive to take us up to the driving range at the country club to sled.  Didn't think about it was only 10 degrees outside.

They had fun - who cares if you can't feel your hands, feet or face...
They were OUT of the house! 

Today I decided I could make it to work. How foolish was that!  Here is a pic from my office window....
Yes, the two little trucks had to pull the semi out, because he was stuck blocking the intersection. 

I can say I made it.  AND made it back home safely. 

What is normally a 25 minute drive home... took me an hour and a half. PLUS on the way home I had to try to find a store that had toilet paper AND had their lot clear enough for my car to get in and not get stuck.  That was challenging.  Thank goodness I finally found one.  I wasn't looking forward to using newspaper had I not found said store.

Now.... onto that hot bath. Maybe I will be less of a mental mess tomorrow. But then again.... maybe not!


Impulsive Addict said...

NEWPAPER!!! Bwhahahahahaha!!! Glad you got some TP. =)

Wow..that is an interesting site to see--2 small trucks pulling the big truck!

I'm glad you got out of the house. I finally made M take me and Emma to dinner tonight. We were BOTH ready to be out and about but the roads are still pretty messy. I'm so over Mr. Winter and ready for the SPRING!

Pennie said...

Love that pic of the two trucks pulling the semi...never saw that before! Glad you made it home safe! (And with toiletpaper, no less!)

stephanie said...

Glad you got the TP! I consider that a necessity :) I can't believe you ventured out- you're braver than I am!

Brandy@YDK said...

I haven't made it to work all week

Samantha said...

Ugh, sounds like the kind of situation we had about a month ago. No fun! Glad you did get to work, oh and definitely glad you got some toilet paper. No one should have to resort to newspaper :)

Emmy said...

That truck is hilarious! Have never seen such a thing