Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

So there are so many different things happening right now...

First off, I am HOME from the hospital.  There are still medicines and tests and treatments... but YEAH! I am home.

Waiting for me at home was the new scent of the month from scentsy - Jumpin' Jelly Bean.  OHHHH  MY!! LOVE IT!!  As always... if you need anything SCENTSY - you can click on my logo over there on the right side of the page... or click HERE.  Everything is 10% off this month.  Plus stock up on the plug ins-the price is going up March 1st.

We went for Kobi to take her driving permit test yesterday.  Waited 3 hours to test - REALLY? 3 hours?... only to find out there was a problem with her social security card/number.  So off across town we went to wait another 2 hours to get that taken care of.  Frustrating and to make things worse... she was having a hard time being patient and understanding.-Life changing event here for her...but nothing was going right.

After yesterday, we figured out the ropes and got back to the testing center.  This time we only had to wait an hour at the testing center and we were at the tag agency to get her permit before they even opened. SCARY- because now she drives.

We took her car so she could drive back to school. REALLY? I may need some Valium for this.

What a great feeling it is to come in this morning and find out that my blog was featured at the CBC- Casual Blogger Community today.  YEAH! You should go check them out!  It is actually an awesome way to find new bloggy friends :)

My hubs' company started offering cell phone service recently.... we got new phones.  There was an issue porting numbers though... so I have had a new android in my hands... and haven't been able to use it yet. Crossing my fingers today will be the day.

I also got flowers from The Minute Man's Wife.... I will actually blog about that soon.  While you are waiting on me... you should REALLY go check out her blog.  She is a riot!

OK, so off to work I go.  I am really scared at what I may find when I get there!


Brandy@YDK said...

yay for being out of the hospital and flowers and being featured. lots of good stuff there!

i bet you have some 16 year old drama going on. when I went to get my license - there was a problem with my stuff too and i thought i was gonna die.

stephanie said...

I'm glad you're home! Oh teenage drama and hormones. The bliss.

Samantha said...

Glad you're home and doing well :) I hated learning to drive with my Mom...she made me a nervous wreck! I didn't get my permit until I was 17...bless me.

Pennie said...

Glad you're home, Chell! My oldest just took the written part of the permit...they do that in school here...but he's not 15 1/2 yet, so he won't get his permit until April...but, he passed, so April 11th he'll start behind the wheel at school. Gulp. This is new for me...we just went for conferences today and I met with his Driver's Ed teacher. It's too real now...

Pennie said...

Oh - P.S. - I made that Scalloped Chicken a few days ago and my family LOVED IT! Thanks for a great recipe!

Kimberley said...

So glad to hear you are home from the hospital!

That is terrible that you daughter had to go through all that for her license! When I went for mine there was a problem with the license plate on the car and I was in sheer panic that I wouldn't be able to take my test! Luckily it got sorted out in due time, but I was freaking out for sure! I can feel her pain!

Good luck on your first day back to work!

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

Glad your home and getting back into the grind. I got a new Android as well and its addicting!!!