Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Weirdness

I am totally tired and can’t catch up. Getting enough sleep… just not enough mental down town. You know that time in the evening to “destress”.

Did you know…. It’s only 61 days until tax season is over?

I have been a total slacker on blogging the last few days. In ALL areas. Sorry I suck. I did go mail my cheer up swap package today. 

Kobi gets part one of cavities taken care of today…. Part 2 comes in a couple weeks. This appointment has been canceled/ rescheduled 4 times now. The hubs is taking her… it’s his day off.

I love that the hubs works 10 hour days on Mon-Tues --- Thurs-Fri. This gives a mid week break to catch up on laundry, housework and running errands. YES, he does all those things for me…. Be jealous. VERY jealous. AND NO, you can’t borrow him. I don’t share well.

Next Wednesday Kobi gets to go get her driving permit. Where does time go? This is not right I say!!

The weather has been WONDERFUL. I really only got to enjoy it on Sunday – while I was picking up my neighbor’s dog poo out of my yard and off my porch. OK… so I did set outside at my friends’ house and visit a little.

We live in the back of the neighborhood. Our street is pretty much secluded. (thank goodness) We are friends with a lot of our neighbors. We even “vacation” with some. (not the ones that leave dog poo in my yard) Anyhow… One of the men folk is home until mid-late march due to heart issues. Another of the men folk is home for a little while due to a recent surgery. 2 men folk work from home…. I think my hubs is so jealous… he broke his hand… so he will get to stay home with them. OK I am just kidding.  It was deemed carpel tunnel. We will find out in 3 weeks what they will do. (the first doctor said it was broken) He may still get to stay home…

Today has been another day from you know where. I wanted to jump across the counter at the little shipping store across the street and strangle me some clerk. I have always shipped from there and no problems. Today he told me they did not offer the service I was wanting. Although their website advertises it and I have always shipped that way with them. I “must be mistaken”. What a total waste of my time. UGH!


Sheila said...

Shipping clerks can be jackwads sometimes! (that's my new word - you can borrow it if you want!) LOL!
Yea....61 days until freedom for you!! :) Look on the bright side - you get a cheer up swap package soon! :) VERY VERY SOON!!!!

Samantha said...

Our weather has been very nice too...I'm loving it.

Brandy@YDK said...

thank you for shipping your package! sorry your day is crap. good luck with tax season. I don't miss that at all.

stephanie said...

The weather is amazing! I didn't mail my swap package today {I'm doing it tomorrow, I promise!} so you're totally a step ahead of me!

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

You package will be going out tomorrow! Good Luck to your daughter on getting her permit! My son just got his License today, where does the time go????

Kimberley said...

Oh gosh, I only have 61 days to get my bookwork finished up! Just kidding, I am actually on top of it this year, but it is such a stressful time, ugh.
Glad the weather has been good for you to enjoy even if it was spent picking poo, yuck!