Friday, February 11, 2011

What Happened?

What happened to picking up the phone and calling someone.  Texting is taking over the world it seems and the phone call is becoming obsolete.

We as a family are guilty.  Sometimes it's easier to pick up the cell phone and text someone... even though they are in the other room. Within ear shot....  A good "HEY" would get them to come listen.... but no.  We text. 

As I was cleaning my messages out of my phone, I ran across these:

Come get your laundry.

Clean your bathroom.

Can I squeeze your boobies while you kiss my cheek?

Dog wants his food.

Hey MOM, can you come here when you get done with your bath? 
     OH  and bring a roll of toilet paper, I am out....

Your nice neighbor's dog is pooping on your porch.

What's for lunch?
   Poop Casserole

All because we are to lazy to speak.  I know, crazy isn't it?


stephanie said...

Ok, who said can I squeeze your boobies while you kiss my cheek? Because that had me rolling.

Kimberley said...

Ha ha ha! Too funny! I thought my house was bad, but this makes us look tame; really, really tame!!

Steph said...

We do the same thing here, its kind of sad isn't it.