Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random TuesdayThoughts


The UN MOM over HERE does this random Tuesday thing that some others that I stalk follow participate in.... like Brandy and  Lindsey... Looked fun, so I thought I would play too.

Last week we had a winter storm here in Oklahoma.  I know... I know.... we don't hold a candle to you people up North.... BUT  this is Oklahoma and dang it, we are NOT supposed to have this kind of stuff! *insert pouty face* Guess what?? We get another storm tomorrow?  OHHHHHH GOODY! Second verse, same as the first. JOY.

The temps got above freezing the last few days.... so alot of the snow has melted.

I totally FAILED as super mom this morning.  I forgot to wake Kobi up so she could get ready for school.  I called and woke her up about 20 minutes before her ride got there.  She made it - THANK GOODNESS! 

I am totally having fun coming up with ideas for my swap partner. I have totally been snooping checking out her blog and think I have some awsomtastic ideas.

We totally did nothing for the super bowl this year. It was kind of nice. No mess to clean up.  We don't really get into PRO football anyhow.... just college ball. I have to say though... I think I may be jealous of Pennie though... I think it looks like she had a FUNTASTIC party with lots of good FOOD!

I am totally taking a TON of work home with me tonight. I am not going to be stuck at home without being able to work.  Most people would love that thought... but you see, I would be using paid time off.  THAT is time off I can have when it is warm and we can be lakeside.  I am not about to waste it on some silly snow...

I am totally thinking I may have to do these Tuesday Thoughts things each Tuesday.  They totally appeal and agree with the ADHD in me.

So, everyone in bloggy land is talking about responding to comments. 
What do you all prefer?  Do you like it when someone emails you back and responds to your comment?  
 Would you rather have that person stop by and leave a comment on your own blog?


Just curious.
PS.... am I TOTALLY stuck in the 80s today?  I totally do not think I could have said "totally" any more than I did.

PPS - Please be patient with me the next few months.  It is totally tax time = 60 hours at work each week = odd blogging times=may be delayed in responding and stalking you all....


Sheila said...

girl....i HATE HATE DESPISE snow right now! NOT looking forward to this storm coming tonight! UGH!!!! I'm with you about saving vaca time to be lakeside not in the flipping snow!!!
I'm having fun shopping for my swap person as well! I love buying stuff! :)

Pennie said...

I TOTALLY think this blog post is TOTALLY awesome, dude! ;)
No - really - I love the random thoughts theme...may have to check that out for myself! Very fun!
What's up with the swap partner thing? Did you know I'm hosting a swap party at my SAMmy's group tomorrow??? I'll blog about it later in the week...how timely! I'll have to check THAT out too!
And, good thing Kobi is quick at getting ready...must be Super-Kid, huh???? ;)

stephanie said...

I'm a Texas girl and am so over the snow. I am getting excited about my blog swap too! woot!

Steph said...

Awww thanks for mentioning me in our post! I am totally excited about the swap.

Brandy@YDK said...

awsomtastic-new fave word. And random Tuesday is the best ever. I'm so glad you are doing great with your swapmate. As far as comments go - I don't think you have to respond to every comment via email maybe just if they ask a question or you have something to say back.