Monday, January 31, 2011

Confused State

I think our state is totally confused when it comes to weather...
We were blessed with 70+ degrees on Friday and Saturday. Everyone in the neighborhood came out from hibernation to enjoy.  It was great getting to gossip visit.  So much fun while it lasted. Today the temps dropped. But it is only the start of nastiness yet to come. 
Checking out the national weather service website...we can get up to 16 inches of snow starting tonight and going into Tuesday. 
Mother Nature was not nice by teasing us with lovely Spring-like weather...

Tax season starts today. That means I am busy busy BUSY at work. I hate trying to drive in nasty weather. I need to work. 
Did I really just say that?
I hope the weather people are wrong! 


Brandy@YDK said...

i'm not excited about the snow one little bit.

Samantha said...

It got up to 70 here yesterday too, and then today it's just freakin' cold and rainy! Poot on it...I am hoping that snow is done with us!

Pennie said...

70??? It was all the way up to 16 here! No fair!